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Openings for Peace

Openings for Peace
UNSCR 1325, Women and Security in India

First Edition
Edited by:

October 2016 | 328 pages | SAGE India

A close look at the relevance, utility and potential of the UNSC Resolution 1325 for achieving inclusive and sustainable peace in India.

This is one of the first crucial discussions on what can be adapted and implemented in the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution 1325 on women, peace, security (WPS) and militarization in the Indian context. It examines cases that reveal the expanded context of conflict and insecurity, showing the possible relevance and limitations of the UN Resolution as a tool for social and policy change in India.

Being comprehensive in approach, the book links discussions on the WPS resolutions (1325 and its successors) with militarism and explores the relevance of the latter in settings that are not deemed as ‘conflict’. It deliberates the result of militarization and engendered conflict in the Indian states and also discusses Indian peacekeeping operations, which are an important part of India’s international engagement.  

Anwarul K. Choudhury
Foreword by Ambassador
Swarna Rajagopalan
Openings for Peace: An Introduction to the Volume
Swarna Rajagopalan
The 1325 Resolutions: From Thought to Action
Soumita Basu
Civil Society Actors and the Implementation of Resolution 1325 in India
Anuradha M Chenoy
Advancing the Women, Peace and State Reconstruction Agenda: 1325 Plus
Amrita Patel
Security Laws in India with Special Reference to AFSPA: A Gendered Perspective
Ritu Dewan
Rights of the People Versus Rights of the State: Jammu and Kashmir
Paula Banerjee
Women, Peace and Security: The Context of North East India
Asha Hans
Women of Manipur: A Space for UNSCR 1325
Rekha Chowdary and Vibhuti Ubbott
Conflict and the Peace Process in Jammu and Kashmir: Locating the Agency of Women
Ila Pathak and Saumya Uma
Whither Peace? A Discussion on Violence, Impunity and 1325 in Light of Communal Violence
Betty A Reardon
Peoples’ Action Plans: Pursuing Human Security with Local Civil Society Actions to Implement UNSCR 1325
Asha Hans
Gender Peace and Security: A Paradigm Shift

“This publication is a concrete and determined step towards the objective of contributing meaningfully to the emerging global movement for women’s equality and empowerment. With wonderfully articulated presentations skilfully authored by experts from various background and experiences and brilliantly put together, the book deserves wide-ranging attention and global readership.”

Inter Press Service, November 1, 2016

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