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Optimal Database Marketing

Optimal Database Marketing
Strategy, Development, and Data Mining

May 2002 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
'This book is accessible and highly readable, with an uncomplicated writing style… in short this is a book that unravels the mysteries of a vital but "back room" activity' - International Journal of Market Research

`This book is well written with interesting examples and case studies that both illustrate complex techniques and tie the chapters together. The level of detail and treatment of statistical tools and methods provides both understanding and enough detail to begin to use them immediately to target marketing efforts efficiently and effectively. It is perfect for a course in database marketing or as a handy reference for those in the industry' - C. Samuel Craig, New York University, Stern School of Business

`This book should be studied by all who aspire to have a career in direct marketing. It provides a thorough overview of all essential aspects of using customer databases to improve direct marketing results. The material is presented in a style that renders even the technical subjects understandable to the novice direct marketer' - Kari Regan, Vice President, Database Marketing Services, The Reader's Digest Association

`Finally, practical information on database marketing that tackles this complex subject but makes it clear enough for the novice to understand. This book serves as more than a primer for any senior manager who needs to know the whole story. As one who has spent over 20 years of his career involved in publishing and database marketing, I have a real appreciation for how difficult it is to explain the finer points of this discipline, while keeping it understandable. This book does that admirably. Well done!' - Patrick E. Kenny, Executive Vice President,

`This book is especially effective in describing the breadth and impact of the database marketing field. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has anything to do with database marketing! -- works in or with this dynamic area' - Naomi Bernstein, Vice President, BMG Direct

This informative book looks at the long-term impact of database marketing techniques on the organization, customers, prospective customers, and society in general. Ron Drozdenko and Perry Drake help the reader gain a thorough understanding of how to properly establish and use databases in order to build strong relationships with customers. There is no other book on the market today that reveals this level of detail regarding database marketing applications - the how's, why's and when's.

Appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses, the book moves from general concepts and examples of marketing databases to more specific data analysis techniques used to enhance the marketing process.

This work:

- Draws on numerous examples from real businesses

- Includes applications to all direct marketing media including the Internet

- Describes in step-by-step detail how databases are developed, maintain and mined

- Considers both business and social issues of marketing databases

- Contains a sample database allowing the reader to apply the mining techniques

- Offers access to comprehensive package of academic support materials

Chapter 1. Introduction to Database Marketing Concepts
Chapter 2. Databases in the Marketing Planning Process and the Organization
Chapter 3. Defining Customer Data Requirements
Chapter 4. Database Maintenance and Coding
Chapter 5. Basic Database Technology, Organizational Considerations, and Database Planning
Chapter 6. The Analysis Sample
Chapter 7. Analyzing and Manipulating Customer Date
Chapter 8. Segmenting the Customer Database Data
Chapter 9. An Introduction to Simple Linear Regression Modeling
Chapter 10. Multiple Regression Modeling
Chapter 11. Gains Charts and Expected Profit Calculations
Chapter 12. Strategic Reporting and Analysis
Chapter 13. Assessing Marketing Test Results
Chapter 14. Planning and Designing Marketing Tests
Chapter 15. Marketing Databases and the Internet
Chapter 16. Analyzing and Targeting Online Customers
Chapter 17. Issues in the Marketing Environment and Future Trends in Marketing Databases
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ISBN: 9780761923572

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