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Organization Change

Organization Change
Theory and Practice

Sixth Edition
  • W. Warner Burke - Columbia University, USA, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

May 2023 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Change is a constant in today's organizations. Leaders, managers, and employees must understand how to implement planned change and handle unexpected change. The Sixth Edition of Organization Change: Theory and Practice provides an eye-opening exploration into the nature of change by presenting the latest evidence-based research to discuss a range of theories, models, and perspectives on organizational change. Bestselling author, W. Warner Burke, skillfully connects theory to practice with modern cases of effective and ineffective organizational change, recent examples of transformational leadership and planned and revolutionary change, and best practices to successfully influence change. The fully-updated sixth edition includes a new chapter on current evidence about organization change, including reviews of prescriptive models of planned change, evidence-based principles of change management, the role of an organization's history as part of the change process, and leaders' impact on organizational change.
Chapter 1: Sources for Understanding Organization Change
Chapter 2: Rethinking Organization Change
Chapter 3: A Brief History of Organization Change
Chapter 4: Theoretical Foundations of Organizations and Organization Change
Chapter 5: The Nature of Organization Change
Chapter 6: Levels of Organization Change: Individual, Group, and Larger System
Chapter 7: Organization Change: Research and Theory
Chapter 8: Conceptual Models for Understanding Organization Change
Chapter 9: Integrated Models for Understanding Organizations and for Leading and Managing Change
Chapter 10: The Burke–Litwin Causal Model of Organization Performance and Change
Chapter 11: Organizational Culture Change
Chapter 12: Understanding and Working With Loosely Coupled Systems
Chapter 13: Healthcare and Government Organizations
Chapter 14: Transformational Leadership
Chapter 15: Leading Organization Change
Chapter 16: The Change Leader: Selection and Development
Chapter 17: Organization Change: Moving Forward with Evidence
Chapter 18: Organization Change: Summary and Integration


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