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Other Voices

Other Voices
The Struggle for Community Radio in India

First Edition

October 2007 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Other Voices is a significant study of an emerging alternative media scene in India in the larger context of the globalisation of mass communication. It explores community radio in India. When the trend globally is toward mergers, acquisitions, and concentration of ownership in fewer and fewer corporate hands, civil society organisations all over the world have been promoting such alternative, community-owned media.

This study investigates the ideologies and communication practices of various community-based organisations that have been using community radio as a means for empowerment at the grassroots. Adopting the case-study method, the authors do an indepth analysis of four community radio projects in India—in Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Jharkhand.

This book documents the struggle for community radio in India in the context of the state`s reluctance to open up the airwaves, It explores appropriate frameworks for policy-making, including a comparative study of the policies related to community radio in liberal, democratic countries. It also offers a comprehensive assessment of the history of broadcasting policy in India, leading up to the announcement of a community radio policy at the end of 2006.
Politics of Community Radio in India

Legislating for Community Radio
A Comparative Analysis of Policy Frameworks in other Countries

Mixed Signals
Radio Broadcasting Policy in India

Facilitating Community Radio in India
Profiles of NGOs and their Community Radio Initiatives

Narrowcasting Development
Community Radio and Participatory Communication

Revitalizing Civil Society
Forging Counter Publics with Community Radio

Community Radio for Empowerment
The Gender Dimension

Community Radio in India - Opportunities and Challenges


This book is an excellent read, provides a mine of information, and offers a balanced perspective on the joys and travails of community radio in India.

Asian Journal of Communication

The book is an eloquent effort to uphold the right of citizens to be active in spheres of life relevant to daily living and to exercise their right to communicate. Five valuable appendices on community Radio and a detailed bibliography make the book very useful for all students of democracy, those interested in media and its healthy development in India.

Free Press Journal

The authors have conducted extensive research, met with the practitioners of various alternative media experiments, including narrowcasting and used the last seven years to put together an excellent research and analysis of the community radio movement in India…..This Valuable book is a must read for all those interested in media for the marginalised communities and the impact on grassroots development in India.

Pavarala and Malik have spent more than six years researching the developments in this regard and have done a good job of locating the growth and development of community radio in India in the context of globalisation of the media and emergence of new technologies. The book also includes a comparative analysis of the broadcasting policy frameworks in countries such as the US, Australia, Ireland and South Africa to illustrate the lessons they hold for the vibrant functioning of community radio in India


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