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Overcoming Obstacles in CBT

Overcoming Obstacles in CBT

December 2011 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
While many textbooks explain the techniques of CBT, few fully explore the issues surrounding their application in real-life practice. This unique book comes to the rescue of anyone struggling with the challenges of practising CBT, whether you are a trainee working under supervision or a qualified practitioner. It examines key obstacles, issues and difficulties encountered over the course of the therapy, illustrated with extensive case examples. Learning objectives, practice exercises and further reading lists help you engage with and relate the issues to your own practice.

Acknowledging that people are more complex than just the presenting disorder, the authors consider questions around:

o Good practice in assessment and case formulation

o The challenge of diagnosis

o Key client issues, such as guilt and shame, perfectionism, and inability to tolerate storing feeling

o The therapeutic relationship

o Organisational factors.

This succinct and accessible guide throws a lifebelt to any CBT trainee or therapist struggling under the realities of today's psychotherapy and counselling practice, particularly within NHS settings.

Problem Focus and Case Conceptualization
Therapeutic Relationship: Obstacles and Opportunities
Obstacles with Timing and Endings in CBT
Families and Extra-Therapeutic Relationships
Working with Experiential Intolerance
Shame and Guilt Issues as Obstacles in Therapy
Intrusive Thoughts, Rumination and Agitation
Working with Physical Symptoms: Connecting Body and Mind
Organizational Expectations and Resources for CBT

'This practical book successfully highlights what I would consider to be among the most important and difficult issues that face practitioners post training today. I recommend this book highly to both trainees and experienced CBT Therapists as an invaluable clinical resource.' - Michael Worrell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Programme Director CBT Training Programmes, CNWL Foundation Trust and Royal Holloway University of London

I think this is a greatly reassuring book for new practitioners hitting walls as they develop in their practice.

Mrs Rebecca Claire Southall
Counselling Training, GB Prohealth Ltd
September 5, 2015

Not often enough are obstacles in CBT given sufficient attention. A text that solely focuses on this is, I'm sure, very welcome to all CBT practitioners.

Ms Malin Sellden
Department of Psychology, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
July 24, 2015

A good exploration of a range of processes that therapists often encounter but may not have been covered in their training.

Mr Joseph Curran
Dept of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
November 21, 2014

Really like the approach which is grounded in practice-based knowledge of CBT. All the key issues around impasse are addressed usefully.

Mr Paul Buckley
Nursing , Bradford University
November 21, 2013

This book covers a series of critical issues in therapy which are often overlooked in other CBT texts. The authors present well-written chapters on a diverse set of problems that would create obstacles in therapy. These are accessible to the trainee, but also valuable to the more experienced therapist. I would recommend this book to anyone working with more challenging cases in primary care psychological therapy services.

Dr Sunjeev Kamboj
Research Department of Clinical, Eductional and Health Psychology, University College London
September 11, 2013

Some very useful descriptions of how to help quire complex presentations. Useful for both intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Professor Steven Lyon
Division of Psychology, Huddersfield University
May 28, 2013

Very welcome addition to the reading list. It confirms for students that practice very often does not fit the standard textbook descriptions and it gives them strategies to deal with these challenges.

Ms Sheila Brennan
Dept of Counselling & Psychology, University of Wales, Newport
August 27, 2012

A very useful text to think about the common obstacles in CBT and useful strategies to overcome these.

Mr Simon Grist
Nursing , Southampton University College of Nursing
August 3, 2012

a very helpful textbook for students using Cbt in their clinical work. resistance and obstacles are effectilvely illustrated and dilscussed.

Mrs Suzan Flannery
Counselling, Bromley College of FE & HE
July 2, 2012

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