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Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process

Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process

Second Edition

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June 2010 | 144 pages | Learning Matters
This practical and accessible book is an essential purchase for anyone applying to become a police officer. With competition for jobs increasing, thorough preparation prior to assessment is more important than ever. This book is full of clear advice and guidance as well as providing essential practice in all areas of the recruitment process, from completing the application form, excelling at the written and verbal exercises, to passing the psychometric tests. Carefully structured around the seven core competencies assessed during recruitment, the book reinforces the skills and understandings necessary to become a police officer while increasing individual confidence and competence.
The National Core Competencies
The Application Form
Assessment Centres
Interactive Exercises
Written Exercises
Respect for Race and Diversity
Psychometric Tests
After the Assessment Centre
Appendix A: The National Core Competencies
Appendix B: The National Core Competencies Checklist
Appendix C: Central Hospital Trust: Information Pack
Appendix D: Frequently Asked Questions

"This is a highly valuable and informative text in terms of negotiating the assessment process." (Lecturer, Coventry University)

This is a perfect book for anybody that teaches students that might go into the police force.

Mr Michael Smith
Public Services , Central Bedfordshire College
October 22, 2015

A helpful insight

Mr Maurice Collins
Policing Department, Bucks New University
March 9, 2012

For instructors

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