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Passionate Sociology

Passionate Sociology

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June 1996 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Offering a major challenge to established textbooks and pointing to inspiring new ways of approaching sociology, this book presents a notable shift in introductory sociology. Too often the subject is taught as a dry and detached system of thought and practice. Passion is regarded as something to avoid or to treat with inherent suspicion. By asking questions about sociology and its relation to passion, the authors seek to revitalize the subject.

The book introduces and develops a number of themes such as: identity, knowledge, magic, desire, power and everyday life. It argues that students should analyze these themes through practices including: reading, writing, speaking, storytelling and organizing. The authors aim to introduce students to sociology by a controlled engagement with practical sociological ideas and ways of seeing. In this way they hope that readers will participate in the creative possibilities of sociology.


`Overall, I found Passionate Sociology an engaging text which made me reflect on my own teaching practices, and my understanding of sociology. It also effectively highlights some of the key problems with those sociologists we now can categorize as `dispassionate' - Thesis Eleven

`The text is a wonderful demystification of sociology; students can learn an enormous amount from it. What Game and Metcalfe want to do is put the passion back into sociology and thus emancipate the subject and its pleasures from those who would be its High Priests.... Wonderful!' - Keith Tester, Reader in Sociology, Portsmouth University

`Passionate Sociology is a courageous book that breathes life into the questions that haunt sociology and other disciplines. The joy and the preplexity of writing sociology is made tangible, as is the great wager of how to render textual the machinations of everyday living. It encourages us all to become more attentive and caring students of the social world that we inhabit' - Elspeth Probyn, Director of Women's Studies, The University of Sydney

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