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Patient Assessment and Care Planning in Nursing

Patient Assessment and Care Planning in Nursing

Second Edition

April 2015 | 184 pages | Learning Matters

Nurses of the future need to accurately assess people of all ages, with varying mental and physical problems, across different settings and with changing health needs. This book introduces student nurses and novice practitioners to the assessment process enabling them to identify patient problems in order for solutions to be planned and implemented.

Linked to the NMC Standards and Essential Skills Clusters for degree-level education, and with detailed case studies and scenarios demonstrating practical application of key theory, the book encourages critical thinking and urges students to consider the social, cultural, psychological and environmental factors as well as the physical symptoms that may be present when making assessments.

Person Centred Patient Assessment and Practice
Understanding Our Role in Patient Assessment
Making Sense of Patient Information
Assessment Tools
Nursing Diagnosis
Care-Planning Principles
Relationship of Nursing Models to Care Planning
Ethical Aspects of Patient Assessment Dilemmas
Community Health Needs Assessment
Patient Assessment and Decision-Making

Required for the HNC & HND in healthcare practice .
A clearly written book which is appropriate to the level . Fully relevant to the units and the course in general

Mrs Margaret Bull
School Of Care Studies, West Herts College
June 28, 2019

This is a good book that offers a good level of insight for students

Mrs Maxine Cromar-Hayes
Faculty of Health and Sciences, Staffordshire University
September 19, 2016

modern nursing assessment in practice seems to be becoming a tick box exercise, this book assists the student in identifying the importance of the assessment and planning processes and looking beyond the tick box.

Mr Nigel Green
Inst of Nursing & Midwifery, Brighton University
August 9, 2016

Provides an excellent introduction to Care Planning and its importance

Miss Maria Nolan Fortune
Career Education , Portobello Institute
July 1, 2016

This book takes a student nurse through every essential stage of nursing process, care planning and beyond.

Miss Aneta Polec
School of Health and Education, Middlesex University
May 16, 2016

Students constantly worry about and want, no need more information on how to write care plans. Now a book that helps them put the nursing process into action.

Ms Georgie Cox
School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
May 11, 2016

excellent and informative text for the new nursing student or in fact anyone that wishes to improve their care planning

Mr Chris Palmer
School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham
March 3, 2016

Well formulated and informative

Mrs Janette Barker
Department of Health & Social Studies, Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
March 1, 2016

An interesting text which will give students and other health care professionals an insight into the importance of assessment and care planning

Mr Thomas Joseph Beary
College Lane, University of Hertfordshire
February 12, 2016

supports the 'what is nursing' model in year 1 that introduces assessment & care planning

Mr Hywel Thomas
College of Human and Health Science, Swansea University
October 30, 2015

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