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People Against Nuclear Energy

People Against Nuclear Energy
Anti-nuclear Movements in India

Edited by:
  • Ajmal Khan A. T. - Interdisciplinary researcher specializing in issues of Environment, Development and Public Policy

September 2022 | 216 pages | SAGE YODA Press
India, a leading nuclear power in South Asia, has long been promoting nuclear energy, particularly since climate change has been recognized as a global issue. However, little output of significance has been produced so far; what has emerged, instead, are numerous local protests at the sites where these power projects are being planned, proposed and established. The first people’s history of anti-nuclear movements in India, People Against Nuclear Energy: Anti-Nuclear Movements in India explores the trajectories of these projects and the protests against them. It covers five decades of protests spanning nine states of the country. This book, with chapters by both Indian and foreign scholars, attempts to understand these protest movements better by taking a closer look at the history and local contexts that have inspired them. Our world, its people and the resources we require share a delicate relationship, and that deep consequential intersection is where this text is positioned.
Foreword by C. Rammanohar Reddy
Introduction: Movements Against Nuclear Energy in India and Around the World
Caitlin Stronell
How a People’s Movement Defeated the Peringome Nuclear Power Plant in Kerala
Ajmal Khan A. T.
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project and the Protest Movement in Tamil Nadu
Ajin K. Thomas
Protest Movement Against the Mithivirdi Nuclear Power Project in Gujarat
Amla Pisharody
Protest Movement Against the Gorakhpur Nuclear Power Project, Haryana
Ajmal Khan A. T., Nikas Kindo and Madhura Gurav
Protest Movement Against the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project in Maharashtra
Monamie Bhadra Haines
Activism Against the Haripur Nuclear Power Plant in West Bengal
Varigonda Kesava Chandra
Oppositions to the Development of Nuclear Power in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
Maia Sikina
Resistance and Resilience in Uranium Mines in Jharkhand

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