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Performance Management

Performance Management

Fifth Edition

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Performance Management

June 2023 | 378 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Performance Management, Fifth Edition covers the design and implementation of effective and successful performance management systems – the key tools that can be used to transform employee talent and motivation into a strategic business advantage. Author Herman Aguinis focuses on research-based findings and up-to-date applications that consider the changing nature of work and organizations.

Hear the author share teaching strategies using content from the Fifth Edition.

Chapter 1 Performance in Context
Chapter 2 Performance Management Process
Chapter 3 Performance Management and Strategic Planning
Chapter 4 Defining Performance and Choosing a Measurement Approach
Chapter 5 Measuring Results and Behaviors
Chapter 6 Performance Analytics
Chapter 7 Rolling Out the Performance Management System
Chapter 8 Performance Management and Employee Development
Chapter 9 Performance Management Leadership
Chapter 10 Perfromance Management, Rewards, and the Law
Chapter 11 Team Performance Management


A very useful and up-to-date reference for my current course ie Performance Management.

Mr Helmi Sumilan
Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
November 14, 2023

A suitable reference for teaching undergraduate students.

Mr Helmi Sumilan
Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
August 10, 2023

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