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Policing and Psychology

Policing and Psychology

February 2012 | 112 pages | Learning Matters
This book draws on a range of psychological theories, concepts and research to explore the role and relevance of psychology to modern day policing. It focuses on key issues including psychological theories of criminal behaviour, interpersonal skills, stereotyping and prejudice, profiling,the psychological effects of crime on victims, and burnout and stress on offiers. The text is underpinned by reflectie activities and case studies encouraging a critical understanding of psychology applied to policing practice. This book provides an accessible and up-to-date textbook for those studying and teaching policing, psychology and criminology.
Policing and Psychology: An Introduction
Psychological Theories of Crime and Criminal Behaviour
Policing Attributions, Stereotypes and Prejudice
Communication, Interpersonal and Interviewing Skills
Investigative Psychology and Criminal Profiling
Victims and the Psychological Consequences of Victimisation
Stress, Burnout, Coping and Policing

This is a good book to use as supplemental to the main text.

Mr James Dunn
Policing Department, Bucks New University
April 11, 2013

Very useful and informative book

Miss Michelle Dadamo
Forensic Science, Bridgend College
December 11, 2012

I enjoyed the book and wish that I had had it whilst I was employed as a police trainer. It gives a simple explanation of many of the psychological theories relating to problems officers will face in their career. It does this in a practical manner, which appears to be aimed at practitioners, rather than academics. A good starting point to build on. I would recommend this to any one starting in a police career, as well as anyone wanting to study the relevance of psychology to policing.

School of Law and Criminology, Derby University
July 18, 2012

This book draws on a range of psychological theories, concepts and research to explore the relevance of psychology to modern day policing. It focuses on psychological theories of crime and criminal behaviour, investigative psychology, effective interpersonal skills, stereotyping and prejudice, the potential impact on police work and the psychological effect of crime on victims.

Mr Bernard Sheridan
Department of Policing, Central Lancashire University
June 27, 2012

The main thrust of the book did not meet the needs of the students and the copy was passed to colleagues in the Applied Psychology team for their information

Mr Ashley Tiffen
Institute of Policing and Criminal Justice Studies, University of Cumbria
June 21, 2012

Excellent book, well written and at the right level for first year students on crime degree

Mrs Julia Norton
Uniformed public services, Sheffield College
June 2, 2012

This is a highly specialist approach to terrorism and not geared to the generalist student except as an important supplement. It is well written and I enjoyed it, and will be referring to it in my teaching. Indeed, it has inspired me to create a module on terrorist motivation which will draw on Blagden's findings.

Dr Bryn Caless
Centre for Crime and Police Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University
May 16, 2012

The aspect of forensic psychology is of significant relevance to students taking this course. This text will provide a good introduction and foundation to this aspect of their studies.

Dr Peter Hall
Policing and Criminology, Coventry University
May 4, 2012

Not overly relevant to our course albeit it does contain some interesting and valuable information. recommended as a library purchase

Mr Bob Lyman
Department of Law (Park Campus), Northampton University
May 2, 2012

A good basic insight into a complex area. Would recommend as an extra but not an essential.

Mrs Rebecca Watson
Criminology Department, Northampton University
May 1, 2012

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