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Political Behavior in Midterm Elections

Political Behavior in Midterm Elections

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June 2015 | 80 pages | CQ Press

"What do the 2014 midterm elections mean?" This essential supplement to Political Behavior of the American Electorate provides the answers, drawing on the most recent National Election Study surveys to offer a close analysis of the key issues and races, including:

  • the outcome of the battle for control of the Senate, including races in Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, and Alaska;
  • the role of independents in elections, particularly in this era of partisan polarization;
  • the influence of record campaign spending on election outcomes; and
  • whether supporting President Obama’s major programs helped or hurt members of Congress.

The perfect update to the classic text, Political Behavior of the American Electorate, by Flanigan, Zingale, Theiss-Morse, and Wagner, the 2015 edition of Political Behavior in Midterm Elections is available free to students when packaged with the text.

Tables and Figures
Chapter 1 2014: Typical Midterm or Historic Election?
The Fundamentals of Political Science Are Strong  
Was 2014 Unique?  
Chapter 2 Attitudes toward Congress
Why Do People Dislike Congress?  
Political Knowledge and Disapproval of Congress  
The Consequences of Not Liking Congress  
Chapter 3 What Happened? Analyzing the Results of the 2014 Midterm Elections
An Enthusiasm Gap?  
Party All the Time!  
Presidential Approval and Vote Choice  
Do People Want Divided Government? Do They Act Like It?  
The Tea Party and the 2014 Election  
Issues in the 2014 Midterms  
High-Profile Races: Reinforcing National Trends  
Chapter 4 The 2014 Midterm Elections in Context
Party Control in the House and Senate  
Turnover in Congress  
Assessing the Success of the Tea Party  
Campaign Expenditures  

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