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Population Geography

Population Geography

Second Edition

May 1990 | 334 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Second Edition of this popular and widely acclaimed undergraduate text has been completely rewritten and extended to incorporate the most modern perspectives. Within population geography, there has been increasing concentration on population dynamics, and this text caters specifically for this exciting emphasis. It concentrates on evolving patterns of fertility, mortality and migration, the spatial and temporal processes that fashion them, and the resultant problems and remedial policies. A major theme is the spatial expression of cause-and-effect links between demographic change and the socioeconomic transformation of societies. A particular strength is the very wide range of case studies drawn from all parts of the developed and less developed world.
The Nature of Population Geography
Introduction to Population Growth and Regulation
International Variation

Variations within Countries

Fertility Patterns
Developed Countries

Fertility Patterns
Less Developed Countries

Problems of Population Growth and Age Composition
The Analysis of Migration
The Political Economy of Internal Migration
International Migration
Population Policies

'Full enough in substance, and deep enough conceptually, to be recommended for courses in population studies at all undergraduate levels' - Population Studies

'In rewriting Population Geography, Jones has ensured that his text will remain one of the most popular and valued introduction to the field' - Environmental Planning

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