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Power in Language

Power in Language
Verbal Communication and Social Influence

Volume: 4
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Interpersonal Communication

July 1993 | 238 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume is a comprehensive analysis of research and theory on verbal communication and social influence. It examines a variety of empirical studies, theoretical positions, methodological matters and substantive issues pertaining to the use of language for generating influence and control. It moves from the basic concept of monological speech and the achievement of power to the increasingly complex and subtle cases of conversational control and linguistic depoliticization.

Topics such as linguistic signs of power, language as a resource for creating power and social causes of verbal power are examined in contexts ranging from informal conversations to newspaper headlines. The research scrutinized ranges from qualitative analyses of social interaction to quantitative analyses of message effects.

Signs of Power (I) - `Powerful' and `Powerless' Styles
Signs of Power (II) - More Variables, More Issues
Conversational Influence and Control
Mitigation - Be Indirect and Be Tentative
Misleading Words
Further Issues, Conclusions and Prospects

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