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Social Relations in Theory and Practice

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January 1994 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book investigates the complex strands that inextricably link gender and power relations, demonstrating how gender is constructed through the practices of power.

The contributors argue that `female' and `male' are shaped not only at the micro-level of everyday social interaction but also at the macro-level where social institutions control and regulate the practice of gender. Power/Gender explores: how theorizing on power is affected when gender is taken into account; post-Foucauldian theory of gender and power; whether it is possible to separate gender and power; the connections between gender and the practice of power in political contexts, and how these connections work in the specific contexts of women's lives; and whether the construction of sex or gender is an expression of power relations.

H Lorraine Radtke and Henderikus J Stam
Marilyn French
Karlene Faith
Lessons from Foucault and Feminism

Deborah Kerfoot and David Knights
Into the Realm of the Fearful
Power, Identity and the Gender Problematic

Hilary M Lips
Female Powerlessness
A Case of `Cultural Preparedness'?

Jean Lipman-Blumen
The Existential Basis of Power Relationships
The Gender Role Case

R W Connell
The State, Gender and Sexual Politics
Theory and Appraisal

Jill Vickers
Notes toward a Political Theory of Sex and Power
Celia Kitzinger
Problematizing Pleasure
Radical Feminist Deconstructions of Sexuality and Power

Lorraine Weir
Post-Modernizing Gender
From Adrienne Rich to Judith Butler

Michelle Fine and Pat Macpherson
Over Dinner
Feminism and Adolescent Female Bodies

Wendy Hollway
Separation, Integration and Difference
Contradictions in a Gender Regime

Eliane Leslau Silverman
Women in Women's Organizations
Power or Pouvoir

Marianne LaFrance and Nancy M Henley
On Oppressing Hypotheses; or Differences in Nonverbal Sensitivity Revisited

`A powerful collection... All 11 chapters in the volume share the understanding that gender is a social product and constituted within a particular set of power relations... The book has an excellent, lengthy introduction, making it particularly well-suited for classroom use... the chapters are well written and each can stand on its own or be used in connection with other chapters in the volume. Chapters from the book could also be used as supplementary readings. This volume is well suited for upper division and graduate courses in such areas as social relations, sociology, psychology, women's studies, organizational behavior and social work' - Contemporary Psychology

`The essays on theory contribute to the feminist analysis of gender and power by focusing on the connection between gendered domination and resistance, and the empirical studies demonstrate the value of this insight for analyzing women's power to resist gendered hierarchies' - Feminist Collections

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