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Practical Literacy Coaching

Practical Literacy Coaching
A Collection of Tools to Support Your Work

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Coaching | Literacy, K-12

September 2009 | 180 pages | Corwin

Published in Association with International Reading Association

Based on her work as a literacy coach and an instructional coach, it became apparent to Jan Miller Burkins that parallels and overlaps exist in the work coaches do with teachers. Many coaches were inventing and reinventing the same tools. This repetition of effort led Burkins to compile this collection of tools and resources.

The diversity of literacy coaching demands that coaches must be competent across many levels of interaction with people and must have expertise in an array of areas from communication to technology to literacy research. This resource provides specific tools and resources that respond to those needs.

About the Author
Sharing Our Work  
How This Book Came to Be  
From Philosophy to Action  
Conclusions: A Word About Imagination  
Introduction: Three Metaphors for Literacy Coaching
Metaphor I: Coaching Pie  
Metaphor II: Nesting Dolls  
Metaphor III: Phases of the Moon  
Closing Thoughts  
1. Defining and Clarifying Your Role
Opening Thoughts: Finding Ourselves  
Coaching Connection: Living Horizontal in a Vertical World  
Related Research: Four Schools, Three Literacy Coaches, and 160 Teachers  
Tools for Defining and Clarifying Your Role  
A Coaching Story: Crossing Lines  
Coaching Connection: Wet Cement in the Threshold  
Taking Chapter 1 Personally: How Are You Defining and Clarifying Your Role?  
2. Stepping Into the Work of Literacy Coaching
Opening Thoughts: Big Shoes  
Coaching Connection: Sitting Big  
Related Research: What Can a Coach Do for You?  
Tools for Stepping Into the Work of Literacy Coaching  
A Coaching Story: Quality Over Quantity  
Coaching Connection: One Piece at a Time  
Taking Chapter 2 Personally: How Are You Stepping Into Your Work as Literacy Coach?  
3. Stretching Yourself
Opening Thoughts: Risky Business  
Coaching Connection: Coaches Worth Their Salt  
Related Research: Reflecting With Others  
Tools for Stretching Yourself  
A Coaching Story: Reading With a Different Lens  
Coaching Connection: Yoga and Honoring Resistance  
Taking Chapter 3 Personally: How Are You Stretching Yourself?  
4. Developing and Supporting Learning Communities
Opening Thoughts: Smart Work  
Coaching Connection: Red Grapes or Green Grapes  
Related Research: Learning to Learn  
Tools for Supporting and Developing Learning Communities  
A Coaching Story: Modeling in Professional Learning  
Coaching Connection: The Rubik's Cube  
Taking Chapter 4 Personally: How Are You Developing and Supporting Learning Communities in Your School?  
5. Coaching Individual Teachers
Opening Thoughts: Records on the Run  
Coaching Connection: Thinking Outside the Mailbox  
Related Research: Feedback and Situated Identities  
Tools for Coaching Individual Teachers  
A Coaching Story: Learning to Script Lessons  
Coaching Connection: Just What I Needed  
Taking Chapter 5 Personally: How Will You Work With Individual Teachers?  
6. Documenting Your Work, Managing Your Time
Opening Thoughts: Matters of Time  
Coaching Connection: Drumming Class  
Related Key: Energy and Time  
Tools for Documenting Your Work and Managing Your Time  
Coaching Story: Play Fast  
Coaching Connection: Machines That Make the Work Harder  
Taking Chapter 6 Personally: How Do You Document Your Work and Manage Your Time?  

“This engaging resource lends an authentic voice to the challenges that literacy coaches face in their daily work and offers clear solutions for meeting those challenges. An excellent array of practical tools supports literacy coaches as they strive to establish collegial partnerships, reflect on their coaching roles, and refine coaching practices to facilitate effective learning communities.”

Maryann Mraz, Associate Professor, Reading and Elementary Education, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Author, The Literacy Coach's Companion, Grades PreK–3

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