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Preparing Students for Testing and Doing Better in School

Preparing Students for Testing and Doing Better in School

Foreword by P. David Pearson

March 2014 | 200 pages | Corwin
This resource provides teachers with interactive techniques and research-based practices to assist students in learning what they need to succeed in classroom tests as well as the high profile assessments such as the SATs. The book covers preparation for test-taking (anxiety and study skills) as well as strategies for taking essay tests and objective tests. The author includes sample exercises and a final test covering content from each chapter that teachers can use with students.
Foreword by P. David Pearson
About the Author
How to Use This Book
Note to the Teacher
Note to the Student
Part I. Doing Better in School
1. How to Avoid Test Panic
Preparing Mentally and Physically  
Organizing Your Course Content  
Chapter Summary  
2. How to Develop a Game Plan
Master Test Schedule for the Term  
Planning for Each Test  
Test Analysis  
Study Schedules for Each Test  
Planning Test-Study Time  
Game Plan Checklist  
Chapter Summary  
Part II. Preparing for All Tests  
3. Strategies for Test-Study
Organizing Resources  
Making Study Notes  
Condensing Study Notes  
Memorization Techniques  
Chapter Summary  
4. Preparing for Essay Questions and Tests
Predicting Questions  
Short-Answer Questions  
Long-Answe "Trace" Questions  
Long-Answer "Compare and Contrast" Questions  
Long-Answer "Discuss" Questions  
Practicing Answers  
Improving Answers With Library Research  
Chapter Summary  
5. Preparing for Objective Questions and Tests
Practicing Multiple-Choice Questions  
Practicing Matching Questions  
Practicing True/False Question  
Practicing Completion Questions  
Group Study for Objective Tests  
Standardized Tests  
Chapter Summary  
Part III. Taking Tests and Doing Better
6. Getting It Together on Test Day
On the Way  
In the Test Room  
Before Starting to Answer  
Chapter Summary  
7. Taking the Essay Test
Budgeting Time  
Reading the Question Carefully  
Outlining the Answer  
Writing Out the Answer  
Re-Reading Answers  
Making a Final Check  
Chapter Summary  
8. Taking the Objective Test
Test-Taking Steps  
Test Question Cues  
Answering Multiple-Choice Questions  
Answering Matching Questions  
Answering True/False Questions  
Answering Completion Questions  
When and How to Guess  
Chapter Summary  
A Final Word  
Appendix A: A Preparing Students Final Test, Answers to Test Prep Exercises, and Answers to Final Test
Appendix B: Forms for Test Preparation and Study
Appendix C: Resources for Additional Test Preparation Assistance
Appendix D: Glossary

"Teachers will want to run—not walk—to get a copy of this book to help students do better in school. Test preparation is an important real-life skill, and this book provides step-by-step guidance to help students learn how to prepare for tests and demonstrate what they know."

Linda B. Gambrell, Distinguished Professor of Education
Clemson University

"All teachers and parents should read this book! It is timely and important and includes powerful, research-based strategies that will help students learn more and succeed on tests throughout the challenging years of middle school, high school, and college. Each chapter reveals superb, practical tips that every student should know, including ways to avoid test panic and to prepare for every kind of test imaginable. This is one of the best books I’ve read about practical approaches to test-taking and studying in the current high-stakes testing era."

Rosalie Fink, Professor of Literacy
Lesley University

"If you want to help students become test-smart, this is the book for you. Rona Flippo is masterful at making a potentially difficult task—taking tests—easy to teach. She provides teachers with an instructional road map that will not only help students get organized for test-taking, but will also show them how to study for and answer essay and objective questions."

Richard T. Vacca, Professor Emeritus
Kent State University

"While written for teachers, this book contains much practical knowledge on how students can adequately prepare for and successfully complete the many different types of assessments they face each day in school."

Richard Robinson, Professor
University of Missouri-Columbia

"Testing is an important part of school life. Some students do not do well on tests—not because they don't know the subject matter, but because they don't know how to effectively take or study for the test. This book will help with both of those problems. You can count on the author’s solid advice."

Ed Fry, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University
Author of The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists

"Rona Flippo has done it again—given teachers and students a wonderful gift in the form of a book that demystifies this phenomenon we call testing! We should all be grateful that Flippo cares as much as she does about the plight of students and the goals of teachers committed to helping them become the type of students they would like to be."

From the Foreword by P. David Pearson

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