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Preventing Bullying in Schools

Preventing Bullying in Schools
A Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals

First Edition
  • Chris Lee - Former Head of the School of Continuing Professional Development at the University of Plymouth

June 2004 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`Written from the whole-school perspective on bullying prevention, Chris Lee's book, Preventing Bullying in Schools: A Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals offers a series of activities and discussion points aimed at increasing awareness about bullying and informing school policy and practices. This practical guidebook is aimed primarily for teachers and others working in schools as well as students of education`- Education Review

`This is an easily readable book with many interesting and useful ideas and activities; a "must read" for anyone planning staff training on bullying' - Emotional Behavioural Difficulties

`The author provides practical advice on how to counter and prevent bullying in schools, suggesting exercises that will promote change. The book would make excellent INSET provision. It includes both classroom-based and staffroom -based activities and is a succinct reference for busy professionals' - Leadership Links (NAHT)

`What is admirable about this book is the way it takes a difficult and sometimes intangible issue and shows systematic strategies for dealing with it... This is a welcome book, a skilful mix of practical advice placed in a broader perspective of defining bullying carefully and exploring existing good practice' Geoff Barton, Times Educational Supplement

`The book is written in a clear and succinct and meaningful manner and it is vital that his book be in every classroom throughout the UK and most importantly that it is read, understood and followed!' - Dr L F Lowenstein, Educational, Clinical and Forenscic Psychological Consultant

`The entire book makes an excellent INSET provision... it should be on all headteachers', senior staff and pastoral leaders' shelves' - David Hall, Assistant Headteacher

`Preventing Bullying in Schools is signally important reading for anyone directly or indirectly involved with the creation of a violence-free learning environment for children' - Midwest Book Review and Internet Bookwatch

'Easy to use, informative, and very practical' - Debate

Designed to offer teachers, student teachers, teaching assistants and other educational professionals advice on how to counter and prevent bullying in schools, this book suggests classroom-based and staffroom-based activities that will help promote change.

Tried and tested strategies are put forward based on the author's school-based research and regular work in schools, training staff who deal with incidents of bullying. Included is advice on:

} understanding the terminology

} anti-bullying strategies

} writing a whole-school policy

} generating whole-school responsibility and involvement

} useful contacts and organizations.

The book shows what can be done to tackle an area of great concern to pupils, teachers and parents and makes powerful and realistic suggestions for ways forward.

Chris Lee is a former teacher who now lectures and undertakes research at the University of Plymouth where he runs courses for teachers and teaching assistants.

What Will This Book Do For You?
What this Book Will Do for You
Prevention and Principles  
The Structure of the Book and How to Use it  
The Activities  
Where Are You in Your Handling of Bullying? The Four Types of School  
How Do We Know When It Is Bullying?
Types of Bullying and Behaviour  
Problems with Defining Bullying  
Looking at Examples  
The Vocabulary of Bullying  
Questionnaires with Children  
Talking with Bullies and Victims  
A Model of Bullying: Moving from a Bullying Action to a Bullying Relationship  
Teachers and the Definition Task  
Who Is Involved in Bullying?
What is Needed in an Anti-Bullying Policy
The Importance of Taking Action against Bullying  
The Whole-School Policy  
What Might Be Put in Place
Managing Bullying Actions and Bullying Relationships  
Peer Support  
How to Move Your School Forward
Summing Up  
The Top Ten Pieces of Advice in Preventative Strategy  

`Preventing Bullying in Schools is signally important reading for anyone directly or indirectly involved with the creation of a violence free learning environment for children' - Midwest Book Review and Internet Bookwatch

I have already recommended this book to my level 2 learners to help them prepare for level 3 in September. there are some easy to follow strategies with lots of different scenarios to help them relate to practice. The chapters are clearly set out and the book easy to navigate through either for picking out particular information or as a guide to classroom practice. Good for teaching staff as well as support staff.

Mrs Gwyneth Walsham
School of Teaching and Learning, Gateshead College
April 24, 2014

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