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Principles and Practices of Management and Organizational Behaviour

Principles and Practices of Management and Organizational Behaviour

First Edition
  • Chandrani Singh - Joint Director- MCA and Placement Head, Sinhgad Institutes Of Business Administration & Research, Pune
  • Aditi Khatri - Freelance Human Resource Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer, Pune
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July 2016 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Logically sequenced and lucidly written, this textbook enables the readers to establish and correlate principles and practices of management from organizational perspectives.

Principles and Practices of Management and Organizational Behaviour
provides a comprehensive insight into the traditional and contemporary approaches of organizational behaviour and their impact on organizational performance in the global era. The meticulously planned chapters offer broad-based explanation of the topics integrated with multiple case studies and examples.

This textbook consists of two broad parts. The first deals with management trends and functions ranging from the traditional era to the contemporary world. The second part explores the behavioural trends of organizations across domains to analyse the measures taken for improved productivity and sustainability.

Key Features

• Case-based approach to deal with theoretical and practical aspects of the subject

• Coverage of course requirements in its entirety in crisp and lucid manner

Innovative ‘Chapter at a Glance’ feature at the end of each chapter to provide concise content repository for students

Introduction to Management
Evolution of Management Thought
Staffing, Training, and Development
Directing and Controlling
Organizational Behaviour
Understanding and Managing Individual Behaviour
Group and Group Dynamics
Team and Teamwork
Conflict Management
Organizational Development, Culture, and Change
Stress Management


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