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Prior Publication

If material has been previously published it is not generally acceptable for publication in a SAGE journal. However, there are certain circumstances where previously published material can be considered for publication:

  • Abstracts and posters presented at conferences: though authors should inform the Editor and acknowledge the first source of publication. Articles that have been presented at a conference but not published by the conference organizers may also be considered. The author should confirm that they have not granted the conference organizers a licence to the work; if the author retains all the rights in the work the journal editor may consider the article for publication based on the fact that articles presented at a conference are unlikely to be the same or substantially the same version as that being accepted by the journal. 
  • Raw data (i.e. this does not include the arrangement or organisation of data) and clinical trials registries (i.e. without accompanying context): please note that permission may still be required to re-use these materials.
  • Most dissertations and theses posted in institutional archives: if the dissertation being presented for publication is the same or substantially the same as any previously published work, it will not be suitable for a SAGE journal. 
  • Working papers or versions of the paper posted on a pre-print server: authors should alert the Editor when submitting their paper if they have posted it on a pre-print server. Authors should not post an updated version of their paper on the pre-print server while it is being peer reviewed for possible publication in the journal. If the article is accepted for publication, the author may re-use their work according to the journal's self-archiving policy: SAGE’s standard self-archiving policy can be found on our Author GatewayPlease note that individual journals may not accept for consideration papers that have been posted on pre-print servers. Please check the submission guidelines of the journal you are submitting to and confirm with the Editor or Editorial Office directly. 

In all cases the author should disclose any prior publication or distribution to the Editor and ensure appropriate attribution to the prior distribution and/or publication of the material.

For advice on how to clear permission for a manuscript you intend to submit for publication in a SAGE Journal, please visit our Author Gateway Copyright and Permissions FAQ.