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Professional Communication

Professional Communication
The Social Perspective

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Nonverbal Communication

November 1992 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume examines socially-based theory and research, pedagogy and practice in professional communication. The contributors provide a comprehensive overview of the social perspective which emphasizes the context of communication, and then distinguish it from positivistic, cognitive and other competing approaches. After establishing a broad framework for situating developments in professional communication research, the book then moves on to: explore more particular topics, issues and problems within the perspective; examine the historical and theoretical traditions in rhetoric, semiotics, literary criticism, philosophy of science, social psychology and cultural anthropology; discuss implications for classroom practice in professional communication; and describe the ways that the social perspective has changed our understanding of communication in the workplace.
Charles Bazerman
Charlotte Thralls and Nancy Roundy Blyler
The Social Perspective and Professional Communication
Diversity and Directions in Research

Bruce Herzberg
Rhetoric Unbound
Discourse, Community and Knowledge

Ben F Barton and Marthalee S Barton
Ideology and the Map
Toward a Postmodern Visual Design Practice

Thomas Kent
Formalism, Social Construction and the Problem of Interpretive Authority
Joseph J Comprone
Generic Constraints and Expressive Motives
Rhetorical Perspectives on Textual Dialogues

Carol Berkenkotter and Thomas N Huckin
You Are What You Cite
Novelty and Intertextuality in a Biologist's Experimental Article

James E Porter
The Role of Law, Policy and Ethics in Corporate Composing
Toward a Practical Ethics for Professional Writing

Rebecca E Burnett
Conflict in Collaborative Decision-Making
Janice M Lauer and Patricia Sullivan
Validity and Reliability as Social Constructions
Jone Rymer
Collaboration and Conversation in Learning Communities
The Discipline and the Classroom

Richard C Freed
Postmodern Practice
Perspectives and Prospects

Mary M Lay
Gender Studies
Implications for the Professional Communication Classroom

Meg Morgan
The Group Writing Task
A Schema for Collaborative Assignment Making

Charles Kostelnick
Viewing Functional Pictures in Context

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