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Professional Evaluation

Professional Evaluation
Social Impact and Political Consequences

  • Ernest R. House - University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, School of Education, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

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Evaluation (General)

April 1993 | 215 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Why do we have evaluation? Is evaluation a discipline? How much impact does evaluation have on government, education or politics? Can social problems, such as poverty, be solved by the application of resources and intelligence? By exploring how evaluation has evolved as a discipline, science and profession, Ernest R House assesses the impact of evaluation on modern societies and the issues that this impact raises for evaluators. Issues addressed include: pluralism versus managerialism; quantitative versus qualitative methodologies; the purpose of education for knowledge production versus education for professions; and clientism and multicultural concerns.
Evaluation in Advanced Capitalist Society

Evaluation as an Institution and Profession
Government and Evaluation
Higher Education
An Example

Evaluation as a Discipline
The Legacy of US Social Science
Social Justice
Methodology and Justice
Evaluation in Multicultural Societies
Professional Ethics

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