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Project Learning for the Multiple Intelligences Classroom

Project Learning for the Multiple Intelligences Classroom

June 1997 | 176 pages | Corwin

Formerly a SkyLight publication.

Project learning is an exciting, challenging, and memorable way of engaging students in active, authentic learning experiences. It immerses students in the process of creating, testing, polishing, and producing a project such as a biography or invention. This book offers step-by-step guidelines for nine different projects ranging from basic to advanced.

I. Basic Projects
1. What a Wonderful State!: A Social Studies Project
2. Feeding the Birds: A Science Project
3. Biography of a Senior Citizen: A Language Arts Project
II. Intermediate Projects
4. A Scientist's Discoveries About Human Anatomy: A Health/Language Arts Project
5. It's a Water-Lifterizer!: A Science Project
6. Creating a Field Guide for Manufacturerd Objects: A Visual/Language Arts Project
III. Advanced Projects
7. Are You What You Eat?: A Nutrition/Social Studies Project
8. Designing a Better Shopping Cart: An Applied Technology Project
9. Writing a Children's Science Book: A Science/Language Arts Project

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