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Project Management

Project Management
A Value Creation Approach

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Project Management

June 2020 | 768 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Project Management: A Value Creation Approach provides an updated and nuanced approach to the world of projects that are increasingly ubiquitous across every field of practice. 

What do all projects have in common? They are a form of organizing whose chief characteristic is that they are temporary organizational designs intended to deliver a specific form of value in a specified time.The book conceives projects as tools to create value that can be defined in many ways, for many different categories of actors, explored in the book. Uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity and most challengingly, events, will often serve to distract, destabilise or destroy value. Reflecting the contemporary state of knowledge, in an expository and descriptive way, rather than being prescriptive it is clear in its exposition of occasionally difficult ideas, with a key thread running through the book being that successful projects must combine creativity and imagination with discipline and focus.  

Written in a lively and engaging way, the textbook uses numerous figures, examples, cases, digital resources among other elements to provide readers and instructors with the most current resources to make the learning process for aspiring, new and seasoned managers of projects more interesting and relevant than any other competitors. 

Preface - how to use this book
Chapter 1: Mapping Projects: An Introduction
Chapter 2: Valuing Projects
Chapter 3: Defining Projects
Chapter 4: Managing Projects
Chapter 5: Executing Projects
Chapter 6: Organizing Projects
Chapter 7: Leading Projects
Chapter 8: Teaming in projects
Chapter 9: Managing unvertainty in projects
Chapter 10: Collaborating with stakeholders in projects
Chapter 11: Learning and innovation in projects
Chapter 12: Complexifying projects
Chapter 13: Ending projects

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