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Project Management

Project Management
A Value Creation Approach

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October 2020 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Project management is an essential life and workplace skill that everyone must develop. Following the popular style and format of other textbooks by Stewart Clegg, this brand new co-authored textbook on project management provides a much needed European perspective to the subject. Drawing on the latest research and practice, the authors guide students on an active learning journey through the project lifespan, promoting a critical and reflexive approach to studying project management, as well as one that creates value for all project stakeholders and emphasizes people and not just process.

Case studies and examples discussed in the text cover a wide range of projects from large to smaller across different industries and sectors, both public and private, including: megaprojects (HS2); mega events (Olympics); political projects (Brexit); health-related project implementation (LEAN); tech-related projects (Google); building and restoration projects (housing/Sagrada Familia); and arts and cultural projects (European Capital of Culture).

Incorporating a host of learning features both in chapters and via the supporting online resources, this textbook is essential reading for all students/managers completing a course unit in project management at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Preface - how to use this book
Chapter 1: Mapping Projects: An Introduction
Chapter 2: Valuing Projects
Chapter 3: Defining Projects
Chapter 4: Managing Projects
Chapter 5: Executing Projects
Chapter 6: Organizing Projects
Chapter 7: Leading Projects
Chapter 8: Teaming in projects
Chapter 9: Managing unvertainty in projects
Chapter 10: Collaborating with stakeholders in projects
Chapter 11: Learning and innovation in projects
Chapter 12: Complexifying projects
Chapter 13: Ending projects


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Project Management: A Value Creation Approach is the textbook on project management we have all been waiting for. Solidly based on cutting-edge social science it takes the field forward in ways that will hugely benefit students, complete with great case studies, guidance on further readings, and which videos to watch. It even has access to slides for lecturers. Get it, read it, use it!

Bent Flyvbjerg
BT Professor and Chair of Major Programme Management, Oxford University's Saïd Business School, co-author of Megaprojects and Risk

Challenges to the predominant systems paradigm in project management first espoused by Cleland and King in the 1960s have been maturing in the research literature for over 20 years. Yet our most widely used textbooks draw thinly on this new thinking and remain within the systems paradigm. These authors have created the first textbook that addresses the needs of contemporary project managers which engages deeply with this research literature. The book is, therefore, a vital contribution to our libraries and reading lists.

Graham Winch
Professor of Project Management, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Project Management is traditionally framed as a discipline based in techniques and models for effective planning and execution of projects – implying a widespread neglect of emotional, behavioral, organizational and societal aspects of project-based work. In this volume, the authors provide a much needed research-based overview of these aspects, and relate them well to the practical realities of projects. It is a book not only for scholars and students of Project Management, but also for all those who lead projects, work in projects, hold stakes in projects or want to understand better the role of projects in industrial and societal transformation.

Johann Packendorff
Professor of Industrial Economics and Management, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

This is a timely book as the value from projects has become an important  measure of  a project’s success. The magic of Clegg’s writing has rendered  this book with Skyttermoen and Vaagaasar open up to debates about projects from both project management scholars as well as the organization studies scholars. The book certainly helps the project management professionals as well as their peak bodies to get the attention of C-Suite for whom delivering value to customers is critical for their business. The beauty of this book is that while it starts unconventionally with value as its focus in early chapters it also covers the essential knowledge on how to manage a project through its lifecycle in later chapters. Thus, both students and practitioners will also find great value from the book. The book uses a variety of interesting and contemporary case studies that extends the perspective of projects that have become pervasive in our projectified society.

Shankar Sankaran
Professor of Organizational Project Management, University of Technology Sydney

This is the kind of book I wish I had when I was learning project management. It presents a very human view of projects that goes far past the simple emphasis on process common in so many texts. This book introduces the reader to a rich literature in a way that is a pleasure to read.

Julien Pollack
Associate Professor, The University of Sydney

There are books on project management. Then there is "Project Management: A value creation approach" by Clegg, Skyttermoen and Vaagaasar! An easy to follow structure guides the reader through this inventive book. Beyond 'simple' solutions, Clegg et al provide any student of projects theoretically informed distillations of useful and informative practices that are useful and relevant to any setting. This book has a unique approach that is best experienced!

Markus Hällgren
Professor of Management, Umeå School of Business and Economics, Umeå University

Strongly rooted in a temporary organization perspective, Project Management: A Value Creation Approach offers a detailed and multi-layered compendium of ideas related to project management. With its contemporary emphasis on the value and valorization of projects, and through fun and creative “what would you do” exercises, this book is an indispensable guide to the modern project manager.

Rene M. Bakker
Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

This book is an interesting contribution to the project management debate. The dominant perception of organizing projects as technical defined matters in demarked spatial settings with a particular kind of complex tasks that has to be solved has become highly problematic. Therefore, I am very supportive to approaches that take humans central and perceive projects as social networks of people in the process of organizing. This is exactly what the authors do in this book; exploring how projects can create value for solving contemporary social questions.

Alfons van Marrewijk
Professor of Construction Cultures, Delft University of Technology; Associate Professor, Organization Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Adjunct Professor in Project Management, BI Norwegian Business School

This book draws a useful map of Project Management. It will help you decide where and how to travel the full gambit and terrain of workplace projects with all the tools needed to reach your desired destination. Buckle up and enjoy the journey!

Kristian Kreiner
Professor Emeritus, Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School

This is SUCH a great book, not only for students but also for educators and PM's already in the industry!!! The book is clearly organised and well structured, with lots of relevant diagrams, illustrations and examples. There are lots of REAL life examples of projects, from various industries - and the research gone into making this book happen, is worth applauding!!! I would definitely recommend this book.

Professor Veena Hirani
Business, North-West Kent College of Technology
August 3, 2022

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