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Do you want to promote your article, drive downloads and increase citations? The following helpful tips will steer you in the right direction.

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Social Media


Press Releases

The Conversation


Using Social Media

Increasingly, a variety of different online platforms are being used as places to discover, and engage with, research. With 350,000 tweets being produced every minute and over two billion people on Facebook consuming 500 years of video every day, online social platforms are an incredibly powerful tool to get your research seen and heard. 

For ideas on how you can use social media tools to help promote your article and enhance discoverability please read our guides below.

Social Media Guide

Twitter Guidelines

Using Facebook

We’ve also joined forces with social media expert Mark Carrigan to provide this free social media toolkit with advice, tips and discussion on how to use social media for academic purposes.



SAGE runs a variety of blog sites to share topical and thought-provoking articles, interviews, videos and features to engage with the academic community. They include:  

SAGE Perspectives blog

SAGE Perspectives blog focuses on highlighting topical and interesting research published in SAGE books and journals. The blog includes posts from authors across a wide range of subject disciplines and research areas. To suggest your article for a blog post, please submit a proposal using our online form.

Social Science Space

Social Science Space brings social scientists together to explore, share and shape the big issues in social science, from funding to impact. This online social network features blogs with the most current thinking from key players in social science. It is an active forum for discussions, a resource center with free videos, reports and slides that support these discussions, as well as funding and job opportunity notices. If you think your research would be a good feature contact your editor.


Methodspace is an online community for research methods. The purpose of the site is to connect researchers to discuss methodology issues and controversies, discover and review new resources, find relevant conferences and events, and share and solve methodology problems. Sign up and contribute! 


Press Releases


The SAGE Press Release Toolkit is a valuable resource for authors aiming to promote their article’s research to the wider media. The toolkit will guide you, the author, through the process of determining whether your article is newsworthy. It will help you write the press release and provide helpful tips and tricks for drafting an effective press release. A press release template is also available for authors to share, download and use.

Press Release Toolkit

Press Release Template



The Conversation

In order to disseminate compelling research to the widest possible audience, SAGE Publishing supports authors' pitches to the news website The Conversation. The site translates academic research for the non-specialist and the lay-person, by pairing authors with journalists to produce articles of academic rigor, scientific accuracy and journalistic flair.

The Conversation is a great way to increase research impact and so if you think your research would be a good feature contact your editor to check its suitability for pitching.


SAGE Publishing is committed to supporting authors promote and increase the visibility of their work. For further information on any of the above please contact your editor.