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Promoting Good Progress in Primary Schools

Promoting Good Progress in Primary Schools

March 2024 | 160 pages | Learning Matters
What does 'Good progress' in primary schools look like?
How do new teachers ensure they are planning for it?
How can they evidence it?

This text is a focused exploration of, and guide to, the concept of 'progress' for trainee primary school teachers and their mentors. It examines what we mean by 'good progress' in the context of the CCF and other frameworks and accountabilities operating in primary schools today. It outlines different understandings of progress, explores the relationship with other concepts such as knowledge, curriculum and assessment, and highlights the links between progress and social justice. Offers practical support for trainees on how to plan for, identify, promote, evidence and communicate information about progress.
1. What is progress?
2. Progress in practice
3. Progress in your classroom
4. Looking wider, looking forward

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