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Psychology of Education

Psychology of Education
Theory, Research and Evidence-Based Practice

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March 2022 | 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Educational psychology applies psychological theories, ideas and methods to education and to understandings of teaching and learning, both in the classroom and beyond.  As last few months have shown, psychology can have a huge impact both on and in education. This practical guide applies evidence-based practice to real-life scenarios over a broad range of topics in the psychology of education, from its historical roots to digital learning, and from cognitive development to diversity and cultural differences.

Essential reading for students of education, psychology, and educational psychology, as well as teacher trainees and practising educators working with learners of any age, this textbook offers a variety of perspectives and advice on contemporary issues in educational psychology.

Janet Lord is Faculty Head of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Part I: Educational Psychology: Background and Basics
Janet Lord, Adele Fozard and Charlotte McKessy
Chapter 1: History of Education & Educational Psychology
Alex Hay
Chapter 2: Policy and Educational Debate
Katie Paddock and Emma Swift
Chapter 3: Psychological Approaches and Ideas within Education
Claire L. Fox
Chapter 4: Research Methods in Educational Psychology
Part II: Psychological Theories and Approaches in Education
Louah Sirri and Rosie Flewitt
Chapter 5: Early Language and Literacy Development
Steph Ainsworth and Joanna Beaumont
Chapter 6: Social and Emotional Development
Louah Sirri and Janet Lord
Chapter 7: Cognitive Development
Jenni McGahan and Katie Stone
Chapter 8: Cognitive Models of Learning
Cian Carney and Karen Duffy
Chapter 9: Introduction to Personality & Individual Differences
Samantha Wilkinson and Catherine Wilkinson
Chapter 10: Diversity and Cultural Differences in Education
Yvonne Skipper
Chapter 11: Motivation
Justine Bowker and Clare Waddell
Chapter 12: Collaboration and Cooperation in Learning
Part III: Applying Psychology in Educational Settings
Martin Hagan and Claire Connolly
Chapter 13: Psychology and the Professional Learning of Teachers and Other Educational Professionals
Nick Garnett
Chapter 14: Assessment and Testing
Sara Whalley
Chapter 15: Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion
Rachel O’Sullivan
Chapter 16: Behaviour and Learning
Elizabeth Gregory
Chapter 17: The Effects of Disadvantage
Steph Ainsworth
Chapter 18: Modernising the Classroom: Brains, Bodies and Bots
Matthew Thorpe
Chapter 19: Digital and Online Learning
Lucie Golton
Chapter 20: Social Media, Education and Learning
Charlotte Louise Bagnall
Chapter 21: Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being
Gulsah Kutuk
Chapter 22: English as a Second Language & Second Language Learning
Alicia Bayo-Blanco
Chapter 23: Early Years Education and Psychology
Steve Ingle
Chapter 24: Adult and Lifelong Learning
Janet Lord
Chapter 25: And Finally…

Benché dedichi spazio all'educazione formale, il testo si concentra sul rapporto tra psicologia ed educazione, andando a riprendere concetti che spesso in Italia sono trattati in psicologia generale o dello sviluppo (es.: sviluppo cognitivo/sociale/affettivo, teorie dei tratti...), mentre lascia poco spazio alle varie forme di apprendimento e alla metacognizione

Professor Luca Balugani
Scienze dell’Educazione e della Formazione, Istituto Giuseppe Toniolo di Studi Superiori
March 8, 2023

Very interesting read, a little high level for what I needed, but definitely a good point of reference for the learners with the drive to know more

Mr Craig Andrew Busby
Business Law, City of Oxford College
April 25, 2023

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