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Psychometric Foundations and Behavioral Assessment

Psychometric Foundations and Behavioral Assessment

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July 1993 | 162 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The effective integration of traditional psychometric assessment and behavioural assessment, in research as well as in practice, is discussed in this detailed and critical review. The important questions of whether integration can improve the quality of the information collected, strengthen the validity of interpretations and improve reliability are also explored.

Systematically examining both literatures, Silva shows how an integration of psychometric principles with behavioural assessment standards can have positive results. Beginning with a review of the origins of behavioural assessment through to current practices, Silva explores the arguments for and against integration. He goes on to discuss the possibility of a normative interpretation of behavioural assessment data and how recent advancements in the psychometric approach to reliability and validity can enhance behavioural assessment.

Paul McReynolds
The Concept of Behavioral Assessment
Behavioral Assessment and Psychometric Standards
An Introduction

Some Observations on the Idiographic Approach
Behavioral Assessment and Normative Interpretation
The Problem of Reliability
The Concept of Validity
Criterion-Related Validity
Content Validity
Construct Validity
`Treatment Validity'
The Issue of Utility


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