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Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management

Eighth Edition

April 2024 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In an era marked by unprecedented challenges, from the climate crisis to the rise of populism, the ways to manage public sector organisations have dramatically changed. In the eighth edition of this bestselling textbook, Flynn and Asquer offer the definitive introduction to public administration. Now substantially revised and updated throughout, this text reflects the latest approaches, tools and techniques that help governments respond to the multifaceted problems facing societies today and pre-empt those of tomorrow.

Recognising the importance of context, Public Sector Managementunderscores that one-size-fits-all management practices are inadequate. Learn how public sector management adapts to changing political climates and societal pressures and be guided through the intricacies of making evidence-based policies while acknowledging the political dynamics that shape them.

Updates to the eighth edition include:

·       A Global Perspective: Explore variations in public sector management shaped by cultural, historical, and institutional contexts, and gain a deep understanding of how governments address challenges in unique ways.

·       Balancing Theory and Practice: the new edition offers amore detailed and holistic perspective on public sector management by bringing in the latest theoretical insights and real-world public sector management practices.

·       Adapting to Change and tacking today’s issues: Confront the challenges faced in the age of technology, from artificial intelligence to Big Data; the climate crisis and clean energy transitions; and resulting from the latest geopolitical shifts including workforce migration to the erosion of trust in democracies.

·       A Call for Contextual Understanding: Learn how factors such as heterogeneity, population, income inequality, and technological access influence public sector management practices.

Public Sector Management is essential reading for upper undergraduate and postgraduate students studying public sector management or public administration and is perfect for those studying on a Master of Public Administration programme.

Norman Flynn was Director of the Centre for Financial and Management Studies, SOAS, University of London and Programme Director of the MSc in Public Policy and Management.

Alberto Asquer is Head of the School of Finance and Management, Programme Director, MSc Public Policy and Management, and Senior Lecturer of Public Policy and Management at SOAS University of London

Chapter 1 Ideal Types of Public Sector Governance Arrangements
Chapter 2 The Public Sector: Scale and Scope
Chapter 3 Public Policy
Chapter 4 Strategy in Public Sector Organisations
Chapter 5 Public Spending and Financial Management
Chapter 6 Managing People
Chapter 7 Managing Performance
Chapter 8 Accountability, Transparency and Ethics
Chapter 9 Contracting and Public Private Partnerships
Chapter 10 E-Government
Chapter 11 Regulation
Chapter 12 Managing Public Sector Reform and Change
Chapter 13 Implications for Public Administration Theory

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