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Qualitative Journeys

Qualitative Journeys
Student and Mentor Experiences With Research

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April 2009 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book takes a fresh approach to teaching about qualitative research by providing case studies of various student qualitative research experiences revealing the struggles, joys, discoveries, and surprises that often take place during the qualitative research process. By studying other student examples of research (including obstacles and how they were overcome) students can learn through the real-life experiences of other students. The book is divided into three parts.

The book also covers the nuts and bolts of qualitative research, enabling instructors to use this book as a stand alone text.

Victor Minichiello, Jeffrey A. Kottler
The Personal Nature of Qualitative Research
Victor Minichiello, Jeffrey A. Kottler
An Overview of the Qualitative Journey: Reviewing Basic Concepts
Myfanwy Maple, Helen Edwards
Locating and Understanding Voices in Narrative Inquiry: A Journey of Discovery
David Leary, Victor Minichiello, Jeffrey A. Kottler
Radical Reflexivity in Qualitative Research
Kiran Regmi, Jeffrey A. Kottler
An Epidemiologist Learns Grounded Theory
LeAnn G. Putney, Connie L. Malin
When Serendipity Meets Opportunity: Qualitative Dimensions of Teacher Perceptions
Danielle Couch, Pranee Liamputtong
Online Dating and Mating: Methodological and Personal Reflection on Our Journey
Wendy Hu, Carol Grbich
Student, Supervisor, Researcher, Researched: Relationships and the Qualitative Research Journey
Terrence Hays, Victor Minichiello
Exploring the Meaning and Function of Music in the Lives of Older People
Theresa Smith-Ruig, Alison Sheridan
Through My Eyes: Conducting Research as a Vision Impaired Researcher
John Scott, Raymond Donovan
Encounters With Comforting Uncertainties: Understanding Unobtrusive Methods
Stacee Reicherzer, Dana L. Comstock
A Transgender’s Qualitative Journey: Deconstructing Gender-Based Social Opprobrium
Suzanne Lunn, Larry Smith
Lessons From My First Focus Group Project
Pol Dominic McCann, Victor Minichiello
Discourses Analysis: Effects on the Researchers
Heidi Gilchrist, Gerard Sullivan
Integrating Theory and Method to Promote Social Change: Young Women and Physical Activity
Jane Phillips, Patricia Davidson
Focus Group Methodology: Being Guided on a Journey From Novice to Expert
Jeffrey A. Kottler, Victor Minichiello
Prominent Themes and Lessons Learned

This book is a delight to read as a new researcher, it provides an excellent resource for guided reflection and indeed support for the challenges faced in undertaking a research project. This is the first research book that I have ever read cover-to-cover, with a delightful balance of insight, humour and learning from mistakes, with the right balance of pedagogy and academic methodology. A must read for anyone new to the field of research.

Mrs Kirsty Henry
School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of East Anglia
August 6, 2018

I really like this text. It covers important aspects of the student-mentor relationship that are often assumed or missed out.

Dr David Large
Geography & Environmental Management, Northumbria University
January 20, 2016

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