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Qualitative Research in Education

Qualitative Research in Education
A User's Guide

Third Edition

June 2013 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
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Qualitative Research in Education: A User's Guide is a core textbook for graduate courses in educational research. As with previous edition, the book will provide readers with a blend of practical and theoretical information. The use of real-world examples and illustrations will help users grasp abstract ideas and apply them to their research.

New to the Third Edition

- a new chapter on the use of social media for data collection, analysis, retrieval, and collaboration expands students' thinking about the relationship between social media and qualitative research.

- the chapter on data analysis has been expanded to include an emphasis on thematic analysis and narrative approaches.

- 'did you know?' sections have been updated to reflect current research included in the Third Edition.

- updated references in each chapter target the most recent key writing and examples.

Part I: Traditions and Influences
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview of the Field
Chapter 2. Learning How to Be a Qualitative Researcher
Chapter 3. Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research
Chapter 4. Designing Your Research: Five Popular Research Approaches
Chapter 5. Designing Your Research: Additional Research Approaches
Part II: Gathering, Organizing, and Analyzing
Chapter 6. Social Media, the Internet, and Technology
Chapter 7. Embarking on Qualitative Research
Chapter 8. Reflexivity and Subjectivity
Chapter 9. The Role and Function of a Literature Review
Chapter 10. Learning About Others Through Interviewing
Chapter 11. Learning About Others Through Observations and Other Techniques
Part III: Putting It All Together
Chapter 12. Making Meaning From Your Data
Chapter 13. Communicating Your Ideas
Chapter 14. Judging and Evaluating
Chapter 15. Thinking About the Future
About the Author

Very useful and well written text

Dr Jen Leamon
School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University
September 18, 2013

Interesting book, but somewhat too condensed.

Dr Lmm Houweling
Instituut voor Ecologische Pedagogiek, Hogeschool Utrecht
September 9, 2013

Found it to be a very user friendly text, especially for teachers.

Dr Mark Malisa
School Of Education, College of St Rose
August 22, 2013

Useful book fully for the undergraduate and doctoral student.

Dr Jen Leamon
School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University
August 7, 2013

This is a contemporary approach to researching education practice including the field of social media which is a vibrant area for exploration. Overall this is a start up text and is most useful in exploring skills of gathering data. The literature review chapter is particularly helpful in structuring the process and the section on interviewing is also helpful with real world examples that clearly illlustrate techniques in probing in chapter 7 and then differing approaches to the interview are explored more fully in chapter 10. The writing style is informative, personal and autoethngraphic in feel making for an authentic accessible text.

Dr Charlotte Ramage
Health , Brighton University
August 6, 2013

A little too Americanized for our students, we preferred Baumfield's Action Research in Education, 2nd ed.

Ms Jan Seabourne
Training and Educational Development, Dyslexia Action
August 1, 2013

Strongly recomend. Very helpful in writing research proposals

Mr Michael Hobson
School of Education, St Mary's University College Twickenham
July 22, 2013

Generally good book with nice writing style, but competition with Savin-Baden's guide published by Routledge which I am currently giving full consideration for adoption.

Dr Karin Hannes
Psychology and Education, K.U.Leuven
May 13, 2013

The book gives a good insight of how to conduct a qualitative research and it is a useful reference book for FDA, BA and M level students. I anticipate that it will be used in dissertation supervision.

Ms Eva Mikuska
Childhood Studies (Bishop Otter), Chichester University
March 12, 2013

Very helpful for all our students in Faculty of Education especially in methodology courses in candidate and master levels. Our students like also the support pages on internet.

Mr Veli-Matti Ulvinen
Faculty of Education, University of Oulu
March 1, 2013

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