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Reaching and Teaching Diverse Populations

Reaching and Teaching Diverse Populations
Strategies for Moving Beyond Stereotypes

December 2010 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Based on the conceptual framework of the educational ecosystem, Reaching and Teaching Diverse Populations: Strategies for Moving Beyond Stereotypes engages preservice teachers in activities that promote their understanding of diversity topics. In working through the activities included in this text, students deepen their understanding of the interrelationship of the community, the school, and classroom dynamics and cultures. By making multicultural issues local and relevant, future teachers begin to see themselves as agents of change, creators of curriculum and pedagogy, and facilitators of a synergistic, dynamic, and exciting learning environment.
Section I: Individual Identity and Self-Awareness
1. My Life as a_______________
2. I Come From
3. My Name
4. Metaphorical Me
5. Identity Collage
6. Zen Cards
7. Reading Worlds into Words
8. Stories That Cling
9. Ways of Seeing
10. Willingness to be Disturbed
11. Future Selves, Present Goals
Section II: Multicultural Awareness and Intercultural Interaction
12. Shared Guidelines & Language – Creating a Classroom Culture of Respect
13. Just Because
14. A-List/B-List: Getting Beyond Stereotypes
15. Talking Back: Found and Two-Voice Poems
16. Finding Ways In: Translating Others’ Experiences
17. United States of America Axioms: Yours, Mine, or Ours?
18. Processing “White Privilege,” by Peggy McIntosh
19. Gendered Language: Unpacking Common Parlance
20. Code-Switching: Language, Dress, and Behavior
21. Being and Becoming: Bullies and Divas and Martyrs, Oh, My
22. Campus Culture Walk
Section III: Introduction to Classroom Inquiry
23. Multigenre Inquiry Project: Sharing the Process and Results of Inquiry
24. Double Entry Inquiry Notebook: From Seeing To Meaning
25. Asking and Developing the Overarching Inquiry Question: Finding a Focus
26. Writing a Rationale for Your Overarching Question
27. Developing Frequently Asked Questions
28. Designing Interview Questions
29. Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Withholding Judgment in the Field In Order To Understand Others
30. A-List/B-List: Getting Beyond Stereotypes in the Field
31. Perspective-Taking in the Ecosystem Classroom: The Yin and Yang of Resilience
32. Processing Classroom Inquiry
Section IV: Analyzing Pedagogy for the Classroom Ecosystem
33. Popcorn (aka Quaker) Reading
34. Literature Circles
35. Save the Last Word for Me
36. Rubric Protocol
37. Graffiti Wall
38. Lesson Plan
39. Unit Plan
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