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Reassessing Human Resource Management

Reassessing Human Resource Management

October 1992 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Drawing on a wide range of organizational examples, this book brings a new balance to assessing the role and impact of HRM. It looks at the core assumptions of an HRM perspective, and at what happens when organizations seek to implement HRM. The contributors show that there are a number of tensions and contradictions inherent in an HRM concept that raise central issues for practice. They demonstrate that HRM is one approach to employee management that will tend to prevail in certain contexts and conditions rather than universally.

Specific themes include: HRM and competitive success; organizational culture and HRM; HRM, flexibility and decentralization; reward management and HRM; HRM, Just-in-Time manufacturing and new technology; HRM and trade unions; HRM as the management of managerial meaning.

Peter Turnbull and Paul Blyton
Debates, Dilemmas and Contradictions

Mike Noon
A Map, Model or Theory?

Richard Whipp
Human Resource Management, Competition and Strategy
Some Productive Tensions

Rick Delbridge and Peter Turnbull
Human Resource Maximization
The Management of Labour under Just-in-Time Manufacturing Systems

Emmanuel Ogbonna
Organization Culture and Human Resource Management
Dilemmas and Contradictions

Graham Sewell and Barry Wilkinson
Empowerment or Emasculation? Shop Floor Surveillance in a Total Quality Organization
Paul Blyton and Jonathan Morris
HRM and the Limits of Flexibility
Ian Kirkpatrick, Annette Davies and Nick Oliver
Friend or Foe of HRM?

James Lowe
`Locating the Line'
The Front-Line Supervisor and Human Resource Management

Ian Smith
Reward Management and HRM
Caroline Lloyd and Mike Rawlinson
New Technology and Human Resource Management
Michael Poole and Roger Mansfield
Managers' Attitudes to Human Resource Management
Rhetoric and Reality

Miguel Martinez Lucio and Syd Weston
Human Resource Management and Trade Union Responses
Bringing the Politics of the Workplace Back into the Debate

Tom Keenoy and Peter Anthony
Metaphor, Meaning and Morality

Paul Blyton and Peter Turnbull

`Welcome and important attempts to help fill this `qualitative void'.... Comprehensive reference lists in discrete subject areas also constitute a valuable by-product of all the chapters. Moreover, the case studies yield some interesting illustrative material' - Work, Employment and Society

`The book is well researched, well illustrated and thought provoking. As such, it is a welcome antidote to the grossly hyped popular literature and the less critical academic treatments of the subject' - Times Higher Education Supplement

`The book successfully raises conceptual, theoretical and some practical issues key to management practice, human resource management and trade unionism. For the critical practitioner and the student of human resource management the book advances many notable arguments' - International Journal of Career Management

`Fifteen papers that review a wide range of issues. Particularly valuable for those who need to keep up with developments in this area' - Long Range Planning

`One of the great strengths of the book is the way it integrates theoretical and empirical data.... essential reading for undergraduates and graduate human resource management students.... Blyton and Turnbull's book is a welcome addition to the literature on human resource management' - The Journal of Industrial Relations

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