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Recording Culture

Recording Culture
Audio Documentary and the Ethnographic Experience

October 2008 | 104 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Recording Culture holds up audio documentary as a premiere form of qualitative research which can serve as an inventive method of storytelling. Based in the practices of fieldwork, audio documentary increases the potential for researchers to reach academic and popular audiences and work collaboratively with people in the pursuit and representation of knowledge and experience. This volume not only explores the methodological issues related to audio documentary, it also provides readers with practical guidance on how to produce their own audio projects.This book is an ideal supplement for courses with titles such as Audio Documentary, Ethnography, Fieldwork, and Qualitative Methods. Instructors could easily use the text to guide students through the audio documentary process, enabling them to do ethnography using technology at a relatively lost cost.
1. Writing Culture and Recording Culture
2. Sonic Compositions
3. The Citizen Storyteller

Recommended this text for geography students (Ma.) is a class about social media geography. Gave some valuable background information and helped to prepare my students for upcoming classes, like "geographic documentation".

Dr Torsten Wißmann
Institute of Geography, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
August 25, 2012

This book is a valuable addition to the books available in the context of audio within the creative industries.

Ms Deborah Dickinson
Creative Industries, City University
May 22, 2012

perfect fieldwork guide and probably the best ethnographic manual for audio work within the field.

Dr Stefan Zimmermann
Geography, University of Osnabruck
November 15, 2011

This concise textbook admirably combines theoretical reflection and plentiful practical advice for undertaking audio research. The level at which the discussion is pitched is certainly suitable for latter stage undergraduates. I like that the authors emphasise and explain the contribution audio documentary can make to an activist mode of research. However, the specialist nature of the research methods dealt with mean that I cannot recommend it as a key course text. The book will be of most use to my students as an introduction to less frequently used ethnographic methods incorporating sound.

Dr Patrick Turner
Department of Education, London Metropolitan University
May 6, 2011

Provides some useful background for individuals investigating paractice.

Jane Jackson
Educational Psychology , The Open University
September 6, 2010

Excellent book for advanced qual

Anna Wilson
Education Dept, Chapman University - Orange
October 26, 2009

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