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Remaking the Global Economy

Remaking the Global Economy
Economic-Geographical Perspectives

First Edition
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August 2003 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This book skillfully navigates the shoals of place and space to explain the intricacies of globalization. For those interested in the changing geography of global capitalism, Peck and Yeung is a "must read"' - James H Mittelman, American University

Remaking the Global Economy offers a state -of-the-art survey of geographical perspectives on the restructuring and reorganization of the global economy. With contributions from leading figures in the globalization debate, the book explores the latest thinking and research, as well as the enduring controversies, across a range of interrelated issues, including:

- firm strategies and business knowledge

- interactions between firms and nation states

- production and innovation systems

- transnationalism and labour markets

- state restructuring.

Each of the specially commissioned chapters presents interdisciplinary insights into the complex processes of economic globalization and their impact on the organization of firms, markets, industries, regions, and institutions. An integrated and comprehensive account, this is a résumé of the latest work in the literature on globalization that will provide a detailed map of the geography of the global economy.

Henry Wai-chung Yeung and Jamie Peck
Making Global Connections
A Geographer's Perspective

Peter Dicken
`Placing' Firms
Grounding the Debate on the `Global' Corporation

Neil M Coe, Philip F Kelly and Kris Olds
Globalization, Transnationalism and the Asia-Pacific
Roger Lee
The Marginalization of Everywhere? Emerging Geographies of Emerging Markets
Erica Schoenberger
The Globalization of Environmental Management
International Investment in the Water, Waste-Water and Solid Waste Industries

Meric S Gertler
The Spatial Life of Things
The Real World Practice within the Global Firm

Ash Amin
Spaces of Corporate Learning
Nigel Thrift
The Might of `Might'
How Social Power Is Being Refigured

Anders Malmberg
Beyond the Cluster - Local Milieux and Global Connections
Adam Tickell and Jamie Peck
Making Global Rules
Globalization or Neoliberalization?

Amy Glasmeier and Michael Conroy
Globalization: Faustian Bargain, Development Saviour or More of the Same? The Case of the Developing World and the Emerging International Trade Regime
Neil Brenner
`Glocalization' as a State Spatial Strategy
Urban Entrepreneurialism and the New Politics of Uneven Development in Western Europe

Ray Hudson
Global Production Systems and European Integration
De-Regionalizing, Re-Regionalizing and Re-Scaling Production Systems in Europe


'A well-deserved celebration of economic geography's seminal contributions to globalization studies' - Michael Storper, University of California, Los Angeles

"As with many collections, this book is a mixed bag. At its best, it makes a vigorous case for a geographical understanding of globalization. It rests on the importance of place, making the book a particularly fitting testament."

Trevor J. Barnes, Deaprtment of Geography
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

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