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Representing the Other

Representing the Other
A Feminism & Psychology Reader

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July 1996 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This innovative collection addresses a challenging issue in contemporary feminist theory and practice: whether - and how - we should represent members of groups to which we do not ourselves belong. The discussions identify key concerns related to representation and difference.

Contributors draw on personal experiences of speaking `for' and `about' Others in their research, professional practice, writing or political activism. Problems of representing Others with ethnic or cultural backgrounds different from one's own are highlighted, and the discussions extend to representations of children, prostitutes, infertile women, `fat' women, gay men with HIV/AIDS and people with disabilities.

Celia Kitzinger and Sue Wilkinson
Theorizing Representing the Other
Anna Livia
Daring To Presume
Liz Stanley
The Mother of Invention
Necessity, Writing and Representation

Barbara Katz Rothman
Bearing Witness
Representing Women's Experiences of Prenatal Diagnosis

Magdalene Ang-Lygate
Waking from a Dream of Chinese Shadows
Amanda Kottler
Voices in the Winds of Change
Deborah Marks
Able-Bodied Dilemmas in Teaching Disability Studies
Anne Woollett
From `Inside/Out' to `Outside/In'

Adrian Coyle
Representing Gay Men with HIV/AIDS
Tracey L Hurd and Alice McIntyre
The Seduction of Sameness
Similarity and Representing the Other

Rosalind Edwards
White Woman Researcher - Black Women Subjects
Diana E H Russell
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The Politics of White Feminists Conducting Research on Black Women in South Africa

Joan C Chrisler
Politics and Women's Weight
Christine Griffin
`See Whose Face It Wears'
Differences, Otherness and Power

Diane Richardson
Representing Other Feminists
Diane Bell
`White Women Can't Speak?'
Kate Paulin
Putting Pakeha into the Picture
Analyzing Lesbian/Bisexual Politics in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Marion Martin and Beth Humphries
Representation and Difference in Cross-Cultural Research
The Impact of Institutional Structures

Manjit Bola
Questions of Legitimacy
The Fit between Researcher and Researched

The Reproduction of Othering
Sheila Jeffreys
Representing the Prostitute
Erica Burman
The Spec(tac)ular Economy of Difference
Katie MacMillan
Giving Voice
The Participant Takes Issue

Marian Titley and Becky Chasey
Across Differences of Age
Young Women Speaking of and with Old Women

Anita Harris
Responsibility and Advocacy
Representing Young Women

Mike Gane
Beside the Standpoint
Anna Madill
`Some of This Seems to Me Straight Feminist Stuff'
Representing the Other in Discursive Psychotherapy Research

Jean Carabine
Questioning Representing the Other
Gabriele Griffin
Issues of Power and Conflict Resolution in Representing the Other
Celia Kitzinger in conversation with Manjit Bola et al
Speaking of Representing the Other

`I am most impressed... by the range and timeliness of the topics covered, by the depth of the scholarship, by the scope and imagination of the collection. Nothing is more important than the frameworks we use when we undertake to represent the other. That feminists are taking the lead in this project is not surprising. The most significant discourse in the human disciplines in the last two decades has been inspired by the feminist position and its many variations as represented in this pathbreaking volume. The editors and their contributors are to be congratulated for a job very well done' - Norman K Denzin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

`In this volume, researchers and research participants pry open the fiercely political and problematic aspects of Othering. Through theory, speculation, outrage and "collective girl talk", the writers of this text force readers to confront - without retreat or resolution - the thorns of representation in the 1990s... Finally, psychology is no longer the "reluctant sister" among the social sciences to wrestle with questions of representation, Othering and authorial responsibilities... Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger take us up to the cliff, and at moments over the edge, forcing readers to confront what "they" have been saying about "us" for so long... The text is a gift for those of us working at the treacherous and desirous borders of gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality and disability. You won't be the same after reading it!' - Michelle Fine, City University of New York

`The dilemma of writing about that which one is not, without simultaneously colonizing the Other in ways never intended, has haunted all of psychology and the other social and behavioral sciences from the beginning... I applaud the editors for their groundbreaking efforts to address this complex issue and to provide a truly innovative work... this is a genuinely exciting work, long overdue, and clearly a major contribution to the field' - Edward Sampson, California State University

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