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Research Design and Methods

Research Design and Methods
An Applied Guide for the Scholar-Practitioner

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October 2019 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Research Design and Methods: An Applied Guide for the Scholar-Practitioner is a straightforward and accessible text for graduate students conducting research in the social sciences. The target audience is the “scholar-practitioner”—working professionals seeking a graduate degree to improve their practice and further their careers—who will find this text to be a guide to an essential understanding of research design and methods. The book addresses the foundational concepts of research design and methods; provides a more detailed exploration of designs and methodologies popular with graduate students in applied disciplines; covers qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods designs; discusses ethical considerations, and quality in research; and provides guidance on writing a research proposal. Chapters conclude with Questions for Reflection, and Key Sources for further reading.

Michael Patton
Gary Burkholder, Linda Crawford, Kimberley Cox, and John Hitchcock
Part 1: Foundations in Research Design
Gary Burkholder
Chapter 1: Introduction to Research
Gary Burkholder, Patricia Burbank
Chapter 2: Philosophical Foundations and the Role of Theory in Research
Linda Crawford
Chapter 3: Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks in Research
Part 2: Research Design and Analysis
Kimberley Cox
Chapter 4: Quantitative Research Designs
Justus Randolph
Chapter 5: Quantitative Data Analysis
Kimberley Cox
Chapter 6: Survey Research
Linda Crawford
Chapter 7: Qualitative Research Designs
Paul Mihas
Chapter 8: Qualitative Data Analysis
Linda Crawford, Laura Lynn
Chapter 9: Interviewing
Part 3: Data Collection
Paula Dawidowicz
Chapter 10: Phenomenology
Annie Pezalla
Chapter 11: Grounded Theory
Part 4: Research Quality and Ethics
Bonnie Nastasi
Chapter 12: Mixed Methods Designs and Approaches
Anthony Onwuegbuzie, Sarah Munce
Chapter 13: Mixed Methods Data Analysis
Part 5: Selected Research Designs and Approaches
Kurt Schoch
Chapter 14: Applied Research: Case Study
Louis Milanesi
Chapter 15: Applied Research: Program Evaluation
Craig Mertler
Chapter 16: Applied Research: Action Research
Molly Stewart, John Hitchcock
Chapter 17: Quality Considerations
Kimberley Cox
Chapter 18: Ethical Considerations
Part 6: Writing and Disseminating Research
Annie Pezalla
Chapter 19: Critiquing and Synthesizing the Literature
Linda Crawford, Gary Burkholder, Kimberley Cox
Chapter 20: Writing the Research Proposal
John Hitchcock
Chapter 21: Disseminating Research

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