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Research Skills for Medical Students

Research Skills for Medical Students

First Edition

July 2012 | 264 pages | Learning Matters
The revised Tomorrow's Doctors makes it clear that doctors need to be aware of their responsibilities as scholars and scientists and it is therefore vital that students develop excellent research skills. Whilst there are many 'research skills' books, medical students frequently struggle with understanding the difference between the practices of research, audit, service evaluation, systematic and narrative reviews and when and how to apply them. This book addresses the kinds of questions novice investigators always ask and helps students utilise study designs, data collection tools and analysis effectively.
Ann K Allen
Ann K Allen
Doing Research
Ann K Allen
Doing a Literature Review
Ann K Allen
Critical Appraisal
Ann K Allen
Evaluation and Research Methods
Ann K Allen
Data Collection and Information Gathering
Ann K Allen with Blanche Lumb and Michael Hollifield
Data Processing and Analysis
Ann K Allen
Interpreting the Implications of Research
Ann K Allen and Seema Biswas
Communicating the Outcomes of Research and Evaluation
Dawn Lau and Ann K Allen
Ann K Allen and Dawn Lau
Doing Health Service Evaluation and Quality Improvement

This is a very good reading resource for level 5 and 6.

Mrs Josephine D Morris
Interdiscipline, Winchester University
August 3, 2022

The use of regulatory policies to frame this publication are useful to remind medical students of their purpose and contains all contemporary research skills.

Ms Michelle Robinson
Division of Medical Education, Kings College
June 6, 2014

A very useful introductory text that covers the majority of methodological approaches. Very useful for multi-disciplinary healthcare and not just the standard medical student.

Mr Philip Bright
Research Department, European School of Osteopathy
October 21, 2013

Excellent introduction to a variety of research methods.

Mr Mark Collins
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
May 8, 2013

Good brief but critical introductions to some major topics.

Dr Suzanne Edwards
Medicine, Swansea University
April 11, 2013

Clear and comprehensive for this level of student.

Dr Susie Schofield
Centre for Medical Education, Dundee University
December 14, 2012

This book helps the develop of critical thinking skills and is ideal for the novice reseracher. I like the examples and step by step guidance.

Angela Rowlands
Centre for Medical Education, Queen Mary, University of London
September 3, 2012

This book is a useful guide for Medical students wishing to undertake research for the first time. The chapters on how to conduct a literature review, critical appraisal, data collection, analysis and interpretation are particularly relevant for students embarking on a dissertation project.

Dr Puja Myles
Epidemiology and Public Health, Nottingham University
August 31, 2012

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