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Reshaping Dementia Care

Reshaping Dementia Care
Practice and Policy in Long-Term Care

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August 1994 | 185 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Innovative approaches to dementia care in the nursing home are the subject of this volume. The contributors combine specific applied research findings and programmes in examining such topics as: addressing needs; developing multidisciplinary care teams; finding alternatives to restraints; and integrating the family into the care team. Special programmes designed to accommodate patients, including special care units, in-house day care, nursing unit-based services and social day care, are described. Also explored are: legal and ethical issues related to dementia; reimbursement; staff training; and increasing costs.
Barry W Rovner
Miriam K Aronson
Overview of Dementia and the Nursing Home
Leonard Berg
Current Challenges in Dementia Care
A Physician's Perspective

Miriam K Aronson
Dementia Care
Program and Staff Variables

Ronnie Grower et al
Approaches to Special Programming
David M Dunkelman and Randi C Dressel
The Nursing Home Environment and Dementia Care
Patricia Gaston
Families as an Integral Part of Dementia Care
Miriam K Aronson
Strategies for Management of Behavioral Problems
Donna Cox Post et al
The Reduction of Restraint Use in the Nursing Home
Cynthia Frazier and Lila Sherlock
Staffing Patterns and Training for Competent Dementia Care
Roberta S Goodman
Legal Issues and Ethical Dilemmas in Dementia Care
Mary Jane Koren, Paul Guastadisegni and Miriam K Aronson
Reimbursement Issues and the Future Direction of Nursing Home Care for Persons with Dementia

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