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Rethinking Organization

Rethinking Organization
New Directions in Organization Theory and Analysis

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December 1991 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Over the past two decades, organization studies has become increasingly pluralistic, with a series of highly charged debates across intellectual `divides'. It is these debates and their consequences for the current position and future development of organization studies that Rethinking Organization addresses.

The first section reviews and evaluates the most significant theoretical developments of the last two decades, focusing in particular on the various ways in which `organization' has been conceptualized as the basis for organizational analyses. The second section examines a range of issues related to the major transformations in organizational forms currently occurring throughout advanced industrial societies. Final contributions outline a range of emergent new perspectives which not only present challenges both to the `old' and `new' orthodoxies of the field but also herald important new directions for its future development.

Michael Reed
Howard E Aldrich
Incommensurable Paradigms? Vital Signs From Three Perspectives
Barry A Turner
The Symbolic Understanding of Organizations
Colin Brown
Organization Studies and Scientific Authority
Nick Perry
Putting Theory in its Place
The Social Organization of Organizational Theorizing

Stephen Ackroyd
Paradigms Lost
Paradise Regained?

Richard Whitley
The Social Construction of Organizations and Markets
Comparative Analysis of Business Recipes

Mark Wardell
Changing Organizational Forms
From the Bottom Up

Gibson Burrell
Back to the Future
Time and Organization

Alan Whitaker
The Transformation in Work
Post-Fordism Revisited

Kenneth J Gergen
Organization Theory in the Postmodern Era
Marta B Cal[ac]as and Linda Smircich
Re-Writing Gender into Organizational Theorizing
Directions from Feminist Perspectives

Robert Cooper
Formal Organization as Representation
Remote Control, Displacement and Abbreviation

Frank Blackler
Formative Contexts and Activity Systems
Postmodern Approaches to the Management of Change

Michael Hughes
Decluding Organization

`If you are re-thinking that you might re-write your notes on organization so that you may better represent them then I re-commend this is a really friendly place to start the project of re-modernization.' - The Occupational Psychologist

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