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Rethinking Welfare

Rethinking Welfare
A Critical Perspective

First Edition

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April 2002 | 212 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`I would encourage undergraduates students to read it, for it does summarise well a classical Marxist analysis of social policy and welfare' - Social Policy

The anti-capitalist movement is increasingly challenging the global hegemony of neo-liberalism. The arguments against the neo-liberal agenda are clearly articulated in Rethinking Welfare. The authors highlight the growing inequalities and decimation of state welfare, and use Marxist approaches to contemporary social policy to provide a defence of the welfare state.

Divided into three main sections, the first part of this volume looks at the growth of inequality, and social and environmental degradation.

Part Two centres on the authors' argument for the relevance of core Marxists concepts in aiding our understanding of social policy. This section includes Marxist approaches to a range of welfare issues, and their implications for studying welfare regimes and practices.

Issues covered include:

· Class and class struggle

· Opression

· Alienation and the family

The last part of the book explores the question of globalization and the consequences of international neo-liberalism on indebted countries as well as the neo-liberal agenda of the Conservative and New Labour governments in Britain. The authors conclude with the prospect of an alternative welfare future which may form part of the challenge against global neo-liberalism.

`Was he right all along?'
Classical Marxism and Social Policy

`Incentives and Punishments'
Capitalism and Welfare

`We are all Classless Nowadays'
The Class Structure Today

`A Deplorable Concession to the Shade of Karl Marx'
Class as Agency

`People have Become Objects'
The Roots of Alienation

`The Complexities of Social Differentiation'
Explaining Oppression

`The Bedrock of a Decent, Civilised and Stable Society'
Capitalism and the Family

`Apocalypse Now'
Globalization, Welfare and the State

`A System Designed not for Yesterday, but for Today'
New Labour and Welfare

`…Waiting for Something Else'
Welfare Futures


`I would encourage undergraduates students to read it, for it does summarise well a classical Marxist analysis of social policy and welfare' - Social Policy

"Rethinking Welfare provides researchers and practitioners a compelling reminder of the largely structural and material forces that shape our welfare states. Rethinking Welfare provides a thoughtful and emerging resistance to the identity politics and vulgar social constructionism that has pervaded the academic world and also taken hold in many professional social work schools. The book provides a convincing caveat to the alleged success stories of free markets, structural adjustments and globalization."


This text presents a radical social work persepctive, which is an important contribution to our critically reflective modules.
This text will be highlighted, discussed and recommended on many of our CPD modules.

Mr Peter Connolly
Social Work , Stirling University
November 23, 2009

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