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Review of Research in Education

Review of Research in Education
The Challenges and Possibilities of Intersectionality in Education Research

42nd Edition
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Volume: 42
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March 2018 | 349 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The purpose of this volume is to contribute to educational research by presenting comprehensive and nuanced understandings of intersectional perspectives. Researchers working within an intersectional framework try to account for the dynamic and complex ways that race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, religion, citizenship, ability, and age shape individual identities and social life. We argue it is essential to overcome simplistic, static, one-dimensional, and additive approaches to educational research by expanding the use of analytical categories and engaging the multiplicities of people’s circumstances within and across teaching and learning settings. This volume is our attempt to open a space for analysis, dialogue, and reflection among scholars about intersectionality, and the possibilities of reimagining the research tools used to address the complex demographic, social, economic, and cultural transformations shaping education.  Ideally, this conversation will reach audiences outside of the academy.

Angela Harris, Zeus Leonardo
Intersectionality, Race-Gender Subordination, and Education
Tamara T. Butler
Black Girl Cartography: Black Girlhood and Place-Making in Education Research
Subini Annamma, Beth Ferri, and David Conner
Disability Critical Race Theory : Exploring the Intersectional Lineage, Emergence, and Potential Futures of DisCrit in Education
Lauren Schudde
Heterogeneous Effects in Education: The Promise and Challenge of Incorporating Intersectionality Into Quantitative Methodological Approaches
Erika C. Bullock
Intersectional Analysis in Critical Mathematics Education Research: A Response to Figure Hiding
Sarah A. Robert and Min Yu
Intersectionality in Transnational Education Policy Research
Thai-Huy Nguyen and Bach Mai Dolly Nguyen
Is the “First-Generation Student” Term Useful for Understanding Inequality? The Role of Intersectionality in Illuminating the Implications of an Accepted—Yet Unchallenged—Term
Sonya M. Aleman
Mapping Intersectionality and Latina/o and Chicana/o Students Along Educational Frameworks of Power
Mariana Souto-Manning and Ayesha Rabadi Raol
(Re)Centering Quality in Early Childhood Education: Toward Intersectional Justice for Minoritized Children
Danyelle T. Ireland, Kimberley E. Freeman, Cynthia E. Winston-Proctor, Kendra DeLaine, Stacey McDonald-Lowe, and Kamilah Woodson
(Un)Hidden Figures: A Synthesis of Research Examining the Intersectional Experiences of Black Women and Girls in STEM Education
Vonzell Agosto and Ericka Roland
Intersectionality and Educational Leadership : A Critical Review
David Isaac Hernandez Saca, Laurie Gutmann Kahn, and Mercedes Adell Cannon
Intersectionality Dis/ability Research: How Dis/ability Research in Education Engages Intersectionality to Uncover the Multidimensional Construction of Dis/abled Experiences

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