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Road to Rights

Road to Rights
Women, Social Security and Protection in India

First Edition
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January 2016 | 248 pages | SAGE YODA Press

Social security is an investment in human resources, which can provide overall security for a person within the family, workplace, and society. The right to social security is an important human right and an essential precondition for the realization of all human rights. It thus represents an essential transformation from needs-based charity to rights-based social justice.

Road to Rights examines the conceptual framework of social security, and focuses the reader’s attention on the missing dimensions of social security and protection for women in India. It explores experiences and lessons learned from various interventions on the ground, throwing particular light on the problems faced by specific vulnerable groups, such as female domestic workers, and sex workers. One of the first comprehensive resource books on social security, it will be of immense value to government departments, policymakers, development sector workers, as well as students and scholars of policy studies and gender studies.

Priti Darooka
Dr. N.C. Saxena
Harsh Mander
A Society Which Cares: A framework for universal social protection
Sejal Dand
Unpacking Social Protection from a Women’s Rights Lens
Dr. Timo Voipio
The Human Right to Social Protection and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Indira Hirway
Social Protection for Women Workers: With special reference to unpaid domestic workers
Aasha Kapur Mehta
Women’s Invisibility as Workers
Nalini Nayak
Livelihood Security Critical for Women’s Social Security
Anjor Bhaskar
Social Pensions: The real Aadhar for the Niradhar
Shubha Chacko Gowri Vijayakumar Subadra Panchanadeswaran
Our Secure Beliefs and their Insecure Lives: Sex workers organize for change
Biraj Patnaik
Food and Nutrition Security in India: Challenges ahead
Yamini Atmavilas
Maternity Entitlements in India: An overview
Subhalakshmi Nandi
Strengthening NREGA from a Gender Perspective: Learnings from the field
Rashmi Singh
Women and Social Security: Convergence model of delivery

The strength of the volume lies in its appeal to a wide readership, particularly as a source book for academics, researchers, policy makers and development sector workers. Additionally, it is a good reference for undergraduate and postgraduate students of development studies in Indian universities as well as those in other developing and transition economies of the global South.

Volume 1 (Issue 1), June 2016

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