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Unravelling the Kashmir Knot

Unravelling the Kashmir Knot

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

May 2016 | 528 pages | SAGE India

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To unravel the Kashmir knot one must wade through a deep valley of questions armed with fresh material on the historical and political context of this perennial debate, together with novel legal analysis of the Kashmir issue.

Do the rules that created Pakistan make J&K a part of India?

Is not the routing of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor through the territory of J&K illegal?

How did J&K become a ‘disputed territory’ in the first place?

The book explores these, and many more issues, to piece together a realistic solution to the Kashmir conundrum.

Foreword by Upendra Baxi
The Indian Subcontinent under the British Colonial Rule
Moving towards Partitioning the Indian Subcontinent
Princely Indian States and Kashmir
Reference to the People
Britain, Kashmir and Reference to the United Nations
United Nations and the Reference
Territorial Status Quo
Kashmir and the United Nations
Inadequacies of the Current Proposals to Resolve the Kashmir Issue
The Way Forward
Approaching the International Court of Justice
The Article 370 Debate
Grappling with the Ground Realities
Doctrinal Bankruptcy towards Conflict Resolution

Aman bears the awesome Hingorani—Kapila and Nirmal—legacy of the great humanism permeating penology from Hussainara Khatoon onwards.… In respecting the rule of law, the book is replete with Hingorani’s impress … an excellent addition to the continuing Kashmir debate. 

Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah
Former Chief Justice of India, Former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission and of the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution

… will interest all sections of the society … [we] have the option to go for international adjudication … I do not see any other way out left … to deal with the occupied Kashmir problem … 

Justice A.M. Ahmadi
Former Chief Justice of India

… fascinating and compelling reading about the trauma and the running sore of partition of the Indian subcontinent … thoroughly researched and [has] covered every aspect of the subject so as to suggest the possible way forward. It will be interesting to see if the suggestions made are prophetic. 

Justice Ruma Pal
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India

… extensive empirical research … fresh material ... fascinating, thought provoking and fine book … 

Justice Dalveer Bhandari
Member, International Court of Justice, The Hague

… fresh insight from a legal, historical and practical perspective.… Hailing from a prominent family of human rights lawyers, Hingorani spares no criticism for the bungling line of leaders … their failure to find a path to peace … is ever more urgent given India’s rising struggle with China for regional dominance and Pakistan’s internal fight over the true meaning of Islam.… Hingorani’s book moves that debate in the right direction. 

Ambassador George Charles Bruno
Former US Ambassador

… meticulously researched and passionately written book … should be required reading for all practitioners and students of international relations. 

Ambassador Asoke Mukerji
Former Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations

… Hingorani’s riveting, absorbing and thought-provoking explorations of the Kashmir issue are both broad and deep.… Beyond the trodden paths, [the] historically rich and analytically focused approach is illuminating in every respect. All serious students of international relations and all practitioners of foreign policy will want to come to terms with this penetrating analysis. It will be a much discussed volume in the continuing debate over one of the most prolonged conflicts in world affairs. 

Dr Victor Mauer
International Security and Strategic Studies Expert, Zurich

... Brilliant … exceptionally well researched … the author’s highly pragmatic recommendations merit positive consideration. A must read …

Air Marshal Ajit Bhavnani (Retd)
Former Vice Chief of Air Staff and C-in-C Strategic Forces Command, Indian Air Force

... an apt trail blazer … a ‘must read’ … path-breaker … for all on either side of the Indo-Pak border ...

Colonel Anil Bhat
VSM, (Retd.), Indian Army, Defence and Security Analyst

… is epic … it takes the subject completely in a different angle … different argument ... phenomenal research material.… Every Parliamentarian, every MLA, every journalist, every separatist … every Pakistani should read it … 

M.K. Raina
Renowned Actor and Director, Theatre and Films, and Cultural Activist

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