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Safe to Tell

Safe to Tell
Producing an Effective Anti-Bullying Policy in Schools

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Anti-Bullying Strategies

January 2000 | 62 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Schools have a duty to care for pupils and that duty includes the responsibility to reduce the frequency of bullying and to respond appropriately with a safe intervention when it has happened.

Occasionally, a pupil or ex-pupil might, looking back on a time of unhappiness and school failure, choose to prosecute the school or the LEA for failing to deal effectively with bullying.

Recognizing this responsibility, Bristol City Council has commissioned a programme to support schools in drawing up and implementing a safe policy. This video and accompanying booklet comprehensively illustrate the necessary elements of the policy and include views on racist and homophobic bullying, record-keeping and an expert opinion on litigation.

Aspects of Law
DfEE Guidance
Writing Your Anti-bullying Policy
Keeping up to Date - The Anti-Bullying Network
Involving Young People
Transfer at Eleven


Homophobic and Racist Bullying - Contributions From:

Lesbian and Children Network