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SAGE Geography: RGS-IBG News and More

Welcome to the latest SAGE Geography update. We’ve collected together some of our most thought provoking articles as well as new book releases, calls for papers and special issues and collections.

We will be attending the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference in London, August 28-30. Find out about our journals' sponsored lectures by scrolling down or clicking here.

RGS-IBG 2019 Highlights

Dialogues in Human Geography Lecture

Terrain, Politics, History

  • Covenor: Rob Kitching (Maynoot University, Ireland
  • Chair: Jeremy Crampton (Newcastle University, UK)

28 August 2019, Session 2 (11:10-12:50)

Urban Studies Journal Lecture

Where and what is auto-constructed now? The afterlives of urban majority districts in the contemporary South

  • Covenor: Julia Macbeth (Urban Studies Journal, UK)
  • Chair: Phil Hubbard (King's College London, UK)
  • Speaker: AbdouMaliq Simone (University of Sheffield, UK)

29 August 2019, Session 4 (16:50-18:30)

Progress in Human Geography Lecture

Transforming topography: landscape, place and narrative in contemporary art and scholarship

  • Convenors: Pauline McGuirk (University of Wollongong, Australia) and Noel Castree (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Chair: Noel Castree (University of Manchester, UK)

30 August 2019, Session 3 (14:40-16:20)


Journal Special Issues & Article Collections

EAU Cover

Towards More Inclusive Climate Change Adaption

This special issue of Environment and Urbanization draws on the growing body of evidence abut climate change impacts and responses in cities, and responds to calls for better documentation of this evidence to support the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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EPN cover

Feminist Legal Geographies

This theme issue of Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space seeks not only to redress the lack of attention given to feminist scholarship in the geographies of law project, but also to identify and carve out a new and distinctive 'stream' within it.

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EPD Cover

Smart cities and the banality of power

The papers in this special issue of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space represent a range of entry points for examining the dynamics of power in the operationalisation of the smart city concept in different contexts.

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PPG Cover

The Anthropocene

The June 2019 issue of Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment is on the theme 'The Anthropocene'.

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USJ Cover

Funding, financing and governing urban infrastructures

This special issue of Urban Studies aims to provide further understanding and explanation of the funding, financing and governing of urban infrastructure amidst its engagements with contemporary financialisation.

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 HOL Cover

The changing face of the Mediterranean: Land cover, demography and environmental change

This special issue brings together up-to-date regional or thematic perspectives on major long-term tends in Mediterranean human-environment relations.

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Recommended Articles

EUR Cover

PHG Cover

Restructuring legal geography by Reecia Orzeck, Laam Hae

EPB Cover

Learning to walk: Modeling transportation mode choice distribution through neural networks by Gideon DPA Aschwanden, Jasper S Wijnands, Jason Thompson, Kerry A Nice, Haifeng Zhao, Mark Stevenson

PLT Cover

ENE Cover

Framing the future of food: The contested promises of alternative proteins by Alexandra E Sexton, Tara Garnett, Jamie Lorimer

CGJ Cover

Confederate monuments and the problem of forgetting by Benjamin Forest, Juliet Johnson

Featured Books

Statistical Methods for Geography 5th Edition Cover

Statistical Methods for Geography 5th Edition

5th EDITION COMING DECEMBER 2019: Statistical Methods for Geography is the essential introduction for geography students looking to fully understand and apply key statistical concepts and techniques.

Learn more

An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping cover

An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping, 2nd edition

NEW EDITION! This is the accessible and student-friendly 'how to' for anyone using R for the first time, for use in spatial statistical analysis, geocomputation and digital mapping

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The Data Gaze Cover

The Data Gaze

A significant new way of understanding contemporary capitalism is to understand the intensification and spread of data analytics. In this text, David Beer explores the powerful promises and visions that have led to the expansion of data analytics and data-led forms of social ordering.

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Your Human Geography Dissertation Cover

Your Human Geography Dissertation

NEW DISSERTATION TIPS VIDEOS INCLUDED! An undergraduate dissertation is your opportunity to engage with geographical research, first-hand. But completing a student project can be a stressful and complex process. This book offers a complete and accessible overview of the key skills needed to prepare, research, and write a successful human geography dissertation.

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Calls for Papers

EPC Cover

Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space Call for Papers

Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space advances debates on the spatialization of politics and the politicization of spatial relations. The journal welcomes original contributions that integrate empirical and theoretical analyses to engage, advance, challenge, and reframe debates about the political.

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EPD Cover

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space Call for Papers

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space is an international, interdisciplinary scholarly and political project. Through both a peer reviewed journal and an editor reviewed companion website, we publish articles, essays, interviews, forums, and book reviews that examine social struggles over access to and control of space, place, territory, region, and resources.

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