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Designed for various levels of faculty and students, these engaging webinars will help you learn more about our authors, textbooks, and initiatives. SAGE talks webinars offer you the opportunity to closely interact with authors as they explore some of today's top trends and discussions within the worlds of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences.

Featured Webinars:


Improving Journalistic Writing: How students can use clearer thinking to tell better stories

Vince Filak

Dr. Vince Filak, author of Dynamics of Media Writing: Adapt and Connect and News Writing and Reporting: Foundational Skills for the Digital Age, has worked with a wide array of news, PR, advertising, integrated web management and photography students to help them understand the core concepts of media writing. In this webinar, he will walk you through ways to break through the fog that consumes your students and help you help them. He will use some of his famous "Filak-isms" to create memorable examples and ideas for ways to get your message through to your students. He will also help you shift your own way of thinking to see things from the perspective of students in order to best reach them.

Date: Friday, September 21st
Time: 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time



Teaching Public Policy: Tips on engaging your students and inspiring active participation

Sara Rinfret

Professor Sara Rinfret discusses how to get public policy students excited about today’s policy issues and inspire them to actively participate in the ever-changing world of public affairs. Rinfret demonstrates how to get students to look beyond simple pros and cons of popular policy debates to examine the multifaceted dimensions of decision making and the complexities inherent in real-world problem solving. Not every student starts out engaged in Public Policy, but Rinfret shows how to put students in the driver’s seat by fostering their analytical skills and applying them to current policy examples that matter most to them.

Date: Wednesday, September 26th
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time