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Designed for various levels of faculty and students, these engaging webinars will help you learn more about our authors, textbooks, and initiatives. SAGE talks webinars offer you the opportunity to closely interact with authors as they explore some of today's top trends and discussions within the worlds of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences.

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Teaching Campaign Planning: Three Tips that Drive Action

Regina Luttrell
Luke Capizzo

Authors of Public Relations Campaigns: An Integrated Approach, Regina Luttrell and Luke Capizzo, discuss current best practices for building strong public relations campaigns that harness the power of converged media through sound research, objectives, and plan cohesiveness. With the streamlined approach of the ROSTIR Model, it's easy to teach students how to execute well-informed, strategic PR campaigns.

Date: Wednesday, February 13th
Time: 9 - 10 a.m. PST