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Scared Speechless

Scared Speechless
Public Speaking Step by Step

February 1994 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The unique approach that this volume offers will help turn around the fear that many people have of public speaking and at the same time provide a step-by-step guide to successful speech making. The author has extensive experience as a teacher of public speaking and with her clear guidelines and logical sequence of chapters, no area is left uncovered. Each chapter explains the process, illustrates it with examples and provides skill-building exercises.
Taking Advantage of Your Nervousness
Analyzing Your Purpose and Audience
Selecting Your Method of Delivery
Choosing Your Topic
Researching Your Topic
Learning the Library

Organizing Your Topic
Supporting Your Thesis
Using Transitions
Creating Your Introduction and Conclusion
Rehearsing Your Delivery
Providing Visual Aids
Choosing a Persuasive Topic, Purpose, and Proposition
Organizing, Supporting, and Delivering a Persuasive Speech
Understanding the Communication Process

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