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Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom

Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom
Using Performance Criteria for Assessing and Improving Student Performance

First Edition
  • Judith A Arter - Assessment Training Institution, Portland, Oregon
  • Jay McTighe - Northwest Regional Educational Lab, Portland, Oregon

208 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
A practical guide to more effective assessment for improved student learning.

Learn how to be more consistent in judging student performance, and help your students become more effective at assessing their own learning! This book offers a practical approach to assessing challenging but necessary performance tasks, like creative writing, "real-world" research projects, and cooperative group activities.

Judith Arter and Jay McTighe, experts in the field of assessment, wrote Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom to help you achieve three main goals:
- Clarify the targets of instruction, especially for hard-to-define problem solving
- Provide valid and reliable assessment of student learning
- Improve student motivation and achievement by helping students understand the nature of quality for performances and products

Each chapter is framed by an essential question and includes illustrative stories, practical examples, tips and cautions, and a summary of key points and recommended resources for further information. The resources section contains a wealth of rubrics to adopt or adapt.

Teachers and administrators will find this an essential resource in increasing teacher effectiveness and student performance.
Series Editors' Introduction THOMAS R GUSKEY and ROBERT J ARZANO
Mapping the Terrain
Choices, Choices, Choices
Developing Rubrics
A Rubric for Rubrics: or, It`s Metarubric Time
Performance Standards and Grading
Teaching Performance Criteria to Students
Resource: Rubrics Galore
References and Further Readings

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