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Secularism, Islam and Modernity

Secularism, Islam and Modernity
Selected Essays of Alam Khundmiri

First Edition
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November 2015 | 308 pages | SAGE India
Syed Alam Khundmiri (1922-83) was an important intellectual figure of his times, a true humanist with rare philosophical insights ranging over a wide field. The volume brings together Khundmiri's seminal essays which set out his dominant concerns: Marxism, with its indifference to questions of minorities in nationalism; existentialism, which he saw as being closed off to the problems of community; and Islam, which he examined in relation to history and notions of time and change.

Overall, this absorbing collection of essays encapsulates Khundmiri's dual project of situating Islam in the modern context and scrutinizing the modern in the light of Islam. Particularly relevant in the present context of the increasing sacralization of politics, it will be read with great interest by students and scholars of philosophy, history, sociology, Islamic studies, Marxism, comparative religion, cultural studies, and political and social theory, as well as by the aware and concerned lay reader.

Kadir Zaman
M T Ansari
In the Interstices of an Indian Islamic Identity

Asghar Ali Engineer
Perspectives on Islam and Philosophy
A Critical Examination of Islamic Traditionalism with Reference to the Demands of Modernization
God - The Contemporary Debate
The Islamic Perspective

Some Problems of Inter-Religious Understanding
Religion and Its Application to Modern Life
The Islamic Problem

Man's Nature and Destiny
The Philosophic View in Islam

Al-Ghazali's Repudiation of Causality
The Destruction of Philosophical Inquiry in Islam

The Meaning of Reason in the Systems of Al-Farabi and Ibn Sina
Eastern Aristotelians and Time
The Tension between Morality and Law in Islam
Iqbal on Human Knowledge
Iqbal and Indian Sufism
Iqbal on Time and Self
Iqbal and the Existentialist Thinkers
Nietzsche, Kierkegaard and Heidegger

The Political Philosophy of Iqbal
Western and Indian

Some Distinctive Features of Indian Sufism
The Changing Concept of Man in Sufi Literature
Islam and Fascism
Islam and Democracy
Obscurantism and the Indian Situation
Contemporary Religious Situation: An Existential Analysis
Published Works of Alam Khundmiri

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